Proofreading Services For UK Students

Proofreading provided by is the final touch that ensures flawless papers, before a dissertation, coursework or essay goes to print or gets published. Among other things, proofreading ensures proper spacing and format.

Come to the experts

Our experienced proof readers have a sharp eye for typos and other mistakes that would normally diminish the quality of your hard work. Many students overlook errors, because they rush through the proofreading stage and end up with embarrassing slip-ups on their signature work.

Inadvertent mistakes and bad punctuation will give a poor impression to the reader and your argument will be taken less seriously, as it would have been otherwise.

A clear chit

With our proofreading services a professional proof reader will thoroughly examine your Essay, Coursework, Assignment or Dissertation, to ensure it is free from errors like:

  • Misused words
  • Omission of capital letters where needed
  • Usage of the wrong tense
  • Faulty terminology
  • Poorly structured sentences
  • Omission of commas and semi-colons
  • The wrong font size
  • Faulty formatting
  • Lack of proper punctuation marks
  • Adding suitable quotation marks when needed
  • A bibliography that is not in proper formatted
  • Repetition of certain words or phrases
  • Incorrect joining together of two words

Proofreading Services Checklist

Make sure that every paper that you submit is well written and flawless, by making use of our prompt, efficient and speedy proofreading and editing services. can transform your work from an average piece, to a polished paper, thanks to our efficient team of professional and dedicated editors and proofreaders. This is your site for document polishing and enhancement.

Average piece to masterpiece!

Flawless academic writing is now well within your reach. Our editing and proofreading services are especially useful to the visiting or overseas student, who is still struggling to learn the finer aspects of formal writing. For overseas students we can ensure that:

  • Your essay has the proper tone and uses the right vocabulary
  • It is relevant
  • It is written in proper English
  • It has zero spelling mistakes (sometimes even the ‘spell-check’ option can let you down, so do not depend on it 100%)
  • It is well structured and meets all the required formatting specifications
  • Your argument is clear and easy to follow
  • Your citations are properly recorded

Our mission – Your Academic Success

There are so many benefits to getting your custom written paper edited or proof-checked through

  • Our writing services allow you to aim high and reach your goal, through editing and writing capabilities no other site can even remotely compare with
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Customized to your specifications
  • Respects your need for confidentiality
  • A dedicated and qualified team of writers
  • User-friendly online system
  • FREE Title, citations page and revision
  • Guaranteed 100% original and authentic papers of premium quality

Contact Academic Writing Services for proofreading, to ensure proper spacing and format in a flawless paper.