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Law coursework is a compulsory requirement for any student graduating from law school. It allows a person to display and perfect his writing skills, show his knowledge of the subject and also the logical reasoning prowess. Apart from this, the knowledge of law and its case applications is also to be demonstrated in these assignments. This is usually assigned once they have completed the first year of law school. The coursework can be related to any field of law as family law, corporate law, business law, criminal law or maritime law to name a few. Each type requires essays and dissertations to be written which will range from 10 - 50 pages in minimum. Although writing essays and dissertations will require time and effort, if a proper methodology is applied in handling the coursework the outcome is most likely to be rewarding.

Find a suitable topic

When writing Law coursework, one of the main considerations is the topic. If the assignment itself assigns a topic, these cuts short the time that needs to be spared on this. But in most cases, the topic is left wide open within a particular study area and the student needs to identify a suitable topic. Easy as it sounds, selecting an effective topic is a tricky task. The success lies in measuring few options against criteria which makes good coursework topics.

  • A good topic will have plenty of material to draw upon when supporting the thesis point.
  • It will be a current and relevant topic and a one which people are interested in.
  • A good topic is also of interest to the writer which allows better flow of words and ideas in the writing process.


Law coursework will require in-depth research. The research should be current as many changes take place in this dynamic discipline. There will be Acts and new Laws and By Laws which the student needs to cite and refer to in the coursework. Application of correct law terminology is important and application of case law to validate the arguments is a must in these assignments related to law studies. Students are also expected to have knowledge of what Law is applicable for different situations. This is because in the same country, for different scenarios, different Laws will take precedence. In different parts of the world, the laws practice differs markedly. Students must know these differences that exist for example between English Common Law and Roman Dutch Law or the Common Wealth Law. Coursework papers which demonstrate such erudite knowledge will impress the reader as well as be informative.

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