Your Task is to Communicate Informatively in Your Communication Essay

Communication Essays Can be on Different Communication Types

Communication Essay would be a common assignment for many students across the world. However, the assignments of essay writing will different significantly based on the type of communication being addressed. Due to the wide scope of the subject area of communication, it can address a number of key areas under communications course modules. Let us explore how you can communicate informatively in your essays on communication.

What is communication?
Communication is commonly defined as the act of communicating which involves transmission of a messages, thoughts, ideas or information through verbal and non verbal methods. The communication process can be either one way or two ways or interactive. It can also be though various mediums such verbal speeches, dialogues, body language, written messages etc.

Methods of Communicating
With the developments in technology, communication options have increased. The internet and email offers fast means of reaching people across the globe. The instant messaging systems allows for interactive collaborative communication forms. The satellite TV systems, GPRS and other communication technologies allow for message transmissions to the most remote of corners in the world. Amidst all these developments, a simple simile, a touch or few words still rank high among the most effective and touching of communication methods. These can be discussed in an informative communication essay.

Type of Communications
There are different types of communications and students can discuss these in the form of a classification essay. For example, students may discuss business communications, interpersonal communications cross cultural communications, personal communications, political communications, marketing communications etc. Political communications will need to be persuasive and argumentative while marketing communications are mainly informative and persuasive. On the other hand, a business communication needs to be precise and informative. It may contain procedural instructions or an analysis. It can also be an evaluation style communication. Various Communication essays can be written in different forms to suit the need of the subject as well. A cross cultural communication essay can be well suited for a business course module while marketing communication is meant for the marketing class.

When students write on these different types of communications, bear in mind to incorporate relevant theories of communication. The process of communication involves the messages, the sender, the receiver, the medium. There is encoding and decoding of the message at the two ends of sender and receiver and there can be static disturbances that distort the message. In such situations, the distorted messages can cause miscommunications and resulting misinterpretations. Such situations are common in cross cultural communications within business or social dealings which lead to unnecessary misunderstandings. Study of communication therefore allows students to safeguard against such situations and become competent communicators. By including such analysis in communication essays being written, students can demonstrate their deep level of understanding of the topic.

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