Writing Informative Design Essays

Appropriate Topic can make your Design Essay very Interesting and Informative

A design essay’s aim is to provide information on either the design of an object or the process of designing it. This is a common coursework essay for those who are following studies in design and technology related courses such as IT, Web Designing, Automotive studies, Production process, Art and Design, Fashion design. By following up on new innovations in these fields or by being up to date on the new technological processes involved, you can write informative and interesting essays for your design coursework.

 Sample Topic Areas
When you are trying to locate essay topics that are interesting, you should think of the interest factor. Is the topic you will choose interest you? Is it something that you are passionate about? For instance, if you are a car buff then the chances that you enjoy writing on battery powered cars is high. If you are interested in video games, then you may be very knowledgeable with all the new games and the designing process that goes in to it. Select carefully that the topic interest the reader as much as you. Here are few sample topics which are idea for essay writing on designing.

1. Design technology in recycled polymer for garment fabrics
2. Designing an Interactive Web Site for 1st Time Parents
3. Designing Process of a Robot Pet
4. Designing of Structural Body ware
5. Design of a Space Suit

 Design Essay Variants

You can write your Design Essay in various ways. Exploit our expertise, knowledge and skills to get an amazing gcse statistics coursework

 It can be written on the design features of the object. Here you will follow an informative and descriptive essay form of writing. The aim is to describe the features and the design itself so that the reader can gain a clear idea of the object.

 The design process can also be addressed. Here the writing will take the form of a process analysis essay. You will need to explain the process of designing it from the conceptual stage to the testing of prototypes. The final production will complete the designing process. While you can apply this to any object, by choosing a new innovation, the knowledge you can impart through your essay will be valuable since most people may not know about the process involved in designing the new object.

 You may also write your design essay by considering the overall designing process and the people involved. The roles played by these people and what contributions they make. For example, in designing a medical equipment, there are various people involved in the designing team. There are scientists, designers, patients on which the product has to be tested, the material sourcing teams etc. Every design process has such a team of people performing different but important tasks that contributes to the designing process.

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Having discussed the possible essay topics and the different variants of Design essays, you may visit online essay banks for more details and sample essays before you begin your own writing. Be clear on what you will write on and how you write it. Having an essay plan will aid you in this. If you are unable to complete your work to a high standard, essay writing help is available from professional writing firms. Coursework-Writing co.uk is one such firm providing outstanding essay, dissertation and coursework assistance to students in need of help.