Writing First Class Leadership Essays

Knowledge on Leadership is Most Important for writing Effective Leadership Essays

Leadership is one of the key topics which come in any Business Administration degree program under the organizational behavior module. Therefore leadership essays are common for college students who are following such degree programs. However, this topic is covered even before students enter colleges. It is therefore a common writing assignment from high school years onwards.

 Knowledge of Leadership
When you are writing this type of an essay, you need to broaden your horizons and enlarge your knowledge of what entails leadership. There are many perspectives of leadership and numerous theories proposed by various scholars. The application of these theories to your essay will add value to your essay writing. Make sure that you research comprehensively and include such knowledge in to your essay.

 What exactly is Leading
What ever type of essay you write, be it an analysis essay or an informative essay, you need to mention what exactly is leadership. Citing some definitions of leadership will set the ground for your essay to proceed. As leadership comes to play in many contexts, the definitions cover various contexts. Therefore, make sure you select the appropriate ones. For instance, some leadership definitions are organizational and business bound while others are more social and people bound as in the case of transformational leadership definitions. You can write an interesting comparison essay if you have sufficient material to compare and contrast two different styles of leadership or different schools of leadership theories.

 Different Approaches
If you are writing this essay for a higher level academic coursework, then citing numerous leadership theories will be essential. There are various perspectives of leadership and different schools of thought exist. Basic approaches to Leadership takes either a universal or a contingent perspective and the theories and models extended falls under trait theories, style theories, behavior theories, and contingency theories. There is also what is termed as transformational leadership. Your essay may be a persuasive essay that tries to persuade your reader that “servant leadership” is the best form of leadership. Or otherwise you may want to write an analysis essay on the merits and demerits on different leadership styles.

 Suitable Essay Topics
Selecting an appropriate and interesting essay topic is important for an effective essay. Following are some examples that can give you an idea of how the subject of leadership can be explored from different angles.

1. Are leaders born or can they be nurtured?
2. Leading with a heart – importance of empathy and sympathy for leaders.
3. Can followers become leaders?
4. Leadership style has to be flexible depending on followers
5. Responsibilities of leading

Writing a leadership essay will be a challenging task. However, by acquiring the right knowledge on the subject and by planning your essay writing appropriately, you will have an overview of the different perspectives of leadership. This will be the basis of writing a first class essay that can be inspiring and interesting to the reader.