Writing Effective Personal Essays

Personal Essays Are Good Practice for Admission Essay Writing

Personal essay is one of the more enjoyable writing assignments for many but some students find it more harder to talk about topics which are personal than other subjects. This type of essay is written with the author’s point of view. The objective is for the reader to gain an insight in to the thinking and attitudes, beliefs etc of the writer based on what he writes on a topic that relates personally. This essay therefore is an excellent opportunity to portray the writer’s personality to the reader.

How best to Write?
This type of essays are best written in the first person, meaning you will be using the word “I” in your essay. Write your essay based on your own opinions, ideas and views and there is no need for outside referencing or research material. Make it sincere and touching so that the reader will be emotionally engrossed with the essay. This makes the reading more enjoyable and also more memorable.

Practice for Future
This essay is a valuable exercise for students in high school as they will have good practice in order to write their college entrance essays and common application essays. This is because, this essay share close resemblance to such essays written to accompany your college applications. College essays will also have the objective of giving a glimpse of the personality and strengths to the reader who will represent the admission board. Therefore, write your personal essays with a high involvement and remember all the guidelines applicable which you can also apply to your future essays for college admission.

Writing Tips
This is not a very formal paper. You can utilize simple language and sentence structure to make sure that the essay is easy to read. These are written usually as short essays of approximately 500-1000 words. Therefore try to restrict your writing to this limit. Remember that a good essay is not based on quantity but quality. Most often students tend to forget the topic they are writing about and would go on with unnecessary information which will have no relevance to the topic So, bear in mind that more that the lengthiness of the essay, the content matters.

Essay Content
Some of the essays topics will be similar to those of narrative essay topics. Your personal essays will need interesting and authentic information. Being truthful is a good principle to follow in this essay writing. Even if it is an embarrassing situation you are writing about it should be truthful. Inform the reader about all your thoughts and experiences so that the reader is touched by what you are writing. If you want to be humorous in your essay you can do so as well. But make sure you use it diplomatically and appropriately.

A personal essay will involve lot of describing and relating. The focus is on the inner feelings and emotions as you are trying to convey your personality and character to the reader. For instance, if you are writing about the death of someone who was close to you, it will not make much of an influence on the reader if you were to describe the funeral in detail. What you have to do is to describe the person who died, how close you were to him or her and what his characteristics were and how he shaped your life. Make the reader “know” the person you are talking about and feel the closeness of your relationship with that person.

Sample Topics
Here are some essay topics for your consideration if you are to write a Personal Essay: .

• A tragic accident
• A family holiday
• A person who made an impression on you (negative or positive)
• How your upbringing made you the person you are
• What do you aspire to be when you grow up?
• If you could change one thing in the world what will it be?

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