Usefulness of Writing an Essay Outline

Writing an Essay Outline is Vital to the Success of the Essay

writing an essay outlineOne of the most important tools to an organized essay is the essay outline. When assigned the writing of an essay, there are many thoughts and ideas which go through the writer’s mind. All these thoughts are not relevant to be included in the essay. In order to write an essay in an organized manner, an essay outline can be immensely useful. By using an essay outline, students will be able to present information without repartition and in a cohesive leave anything important out. Being familiar with writing an essay outline, therefore, is vital for the essay.

Importance of the Outline

An essay outline can be considered the skeleton of your essay. Without it you will fall to pieces. With the outline you are sure that the main arguments of the thesis statement and the sub topics under each point are apparent and in accordance. With an outline, students are able to structure and format their essays correctly and know that the topic is covered accurately and properly with the proper information. All coursework writing assignment, require to be written in a logical and cohesive manner and an outline can be most helpful in achieving such a high grade.

Writing an Outline

Writing an essay outline can be done in two ways. Students are recommended to select the most appropriate and suitable method in order to outline their essays. Keep in mind that the outline is only a rough draft of your essay and therefore, you can be free with how it is done as long as the end result is an organized and easily readable essay.

The first method is to use Roman numerals to outline the main topics of the essay and capital letters or Arabic numerals to outline the sub topics of the essay. The students can use short sentences or jot notes to make their outline. The second method is the full sentence outline where students will use the same method but will write their ideas in long sentences. This may take more time than the first method, but will be better in the long run as you will not forget what you have written.

Time to Write the Outline

As the outline is an arrangement of thoughts and ideas as well as material, it should not be formulated until the topic has been narrowed, research has been gathered and a thesis statement has been formulated. When doing the outline, for your English coursework or any other coursework subject, your outline should consist of an introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion. Failure to include these important sections in your outline will result in a disorganized paper which will be found lacking of the qualities of an A+ paper. Thus, writing an essay outline is vital to the success of the essay. Therefore, students should not ignore this important task which will make the writing of the essay easier as well.

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