Writing a Winning College Entrance Essay

College Entrance Essays Should Highlight Your Strengths

Getting into a good college is the dream of every high school student. The culmination of many years of hard work will be put into this dream. Most colleges require students to write a college entrance essay as a part of the application process. This essay will be an important part of the assessment and the selection board will judge the students on the content as well as the portrayal of ideas, values and character from the essay writing.

Objective of the Essay
Essay writing allows a person to express his thought and feeling about a certain subject. It also allows the student to show his writing and research skills. This gives the College Board a chance to judge the student’s capabilities and his performance if he is selected. The ideas and views will give a glimpse of the personal character of the essay writer. Therefore, it is essential for the student to write this essay in the most interesting fashion while adhering to proper writing requirements.

Appropriate Essay Topics
When you are writing this essay, it is essential that you read the instructions and find out what is required to be done and on what topic it has to be written. Most often the essay topics will be provided or you will be given essay prompts on what you should write. Examples of such essay prompt that you will be given are as below:

1. Write about a personal experience you have had and how it impacted your life.
2. Write about a book you have read and what impact it had on you. Did it change you for the better or for the worse?
3. Describe a person who influenced you.
4. Write about a cause you would like to promote actively

When selecting the essay topic, it is best if you choose the one that will give you the best opportunity to portray the strengths of your character. Selecting interesting essay topics will allow you to write interesting essays.

Writing style
This sort of essay is best written in first person. The essay can be written as a personal essay and you can bring in the same style and tone which is applied in to a narrative essay topic if the current essay topic permits it. Think of yourself as a product you want to sell and the College Board is the person you wish to sell to. Market yourself and write your essay in a way which highlights your capabilities. But as you know hard selling is never preferred even by us. Those advertisements which brings in the message subtly but clearly in a cultured manner is what we appreciate. Same is true for the selection panel. Use your essay to convey points about yourself which will convince the selection panel that you will be a valuable addition to their student body. Then your college entrance essay will achieve its objective of getting you selected to the college you have always wanted attending.