Writing a Proper Evaluation Essay

Evaluation Essay Should Offer a Balanced Argument with the Use of Logical Thinking

What does evaluation mean? To evaluate is to examine and judge or appraise a process, a subject or an object. Evaluation is the systematic collection and analysis of data needed to make decisions or form an idea about something. An evaluation essay is written to support such appraisal process and the final evaluation decision is made known. This type of essay can be written about a book, a movie or even a TV program. This sort of evaluation utilizes critical analysis and techniques applied in book reviews, investment appraisals, employee evaluation or process and policy appraisals etc. The essay can be thus written on various subjects.

Differentiation between other Essays

These types of essays are usually confused with argumentative essays and persuasive essays. In order not to confuse your self it is important to know what differentiates this essay from the rest. In this essay, you are evaluating two alternatives or one particular subject or various parameters on which the effectiveness of the matter is being judged or appraised. If is after such appraisal which you build up within the essay body that you finally conclude with your final judgment. But in persuasive or argumentative essays you are usually clear on your judgment or position before hand and then goes on to prove it correct with evidence and justifications within the body of the essay.

Topic Selection

The main issue of consideration at the outset of this essay is to pick a subject which can be evaluated. The essay topic should allow you room to evaluate it on several parameters. Once you have come up with a good topic introduce the subject in the essay beginning and state that you will be evaluating the subject on merits and demerits or cost and benefits or any other assessment parameters.

Impartiality Matters

In this type of essay writing, it is important to remain impartial. Do not take sides and even if you do it is important to not let the reader know you stance on the subject. This type of essay is written in a manner which offers a balanced argument. If the reader feels that you have taken a stance your essay will be considered biased and your arguments and justifications invalid. The final judgment or appraisal will also lack validity if your essay displays impartiality at the evaluation stage. Therefore avoid writing it in opinion essay style.

Concluding Effectively

The essay conclusion will summarize the points which you made in the body of your essay and state the final judgment. If you have built your argument cohesively by the time you arrive at the conclusion, it will be clear to your reader that your final judgment is valid and reasonable and that they too would have made the same appraisal. Your conclusion should be clear to the reader.

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