Writing a Convincing Argument Essay

Argument Essays are written to convince one’s point of view

Argument Essays are common assignments for students from high school onwards. You need to apply your best argumentative skills and get your point of view accepted. When writing this essay, students need to rationalize and justify their view points and present their ideas backed with evidence. In fact you should call upon skills that you use in a daily basis to convince others of your point of views. If you are to change other’s minds, then you must present an effective argument and build your case cohesively and logically. You will be using these essay writing skills in later stages of your life when you are writing reports to persuade your point or drafting a speech which is intend to convince an audience.

• Important Elements of a Good Essay
The most important aspect of a good essay is the content. Then the structure, format, writing style, presentation and referencing should all be considered. Make sure that the essay has a superb introduction and then a sound body followed by a convincing conclusion. Selecting a suitable essay topic is essential if you are to write well. The topic should be within the study field, suitable for building an argument and be interesting. For argumentative essays, controversial topics are very appropriate.

• Follow Essay Instructions
Usually you will receive a coursework info sheet when you are to complete and assignment. You should read through it carefully to get instructions properly. For instance, you will get instructions on word count, number of sources required, the formatting style and sometimes essay prompts as well. In some instances, your tutor will ask you to take a specific stance for or against the argument. Sometimes the choice will be left to you. Make sure of being clear of what position you are taking when you start writing the essay so that you can develop your argument properly. By following these instructions, you will make sure that the essay you submit is what your tutor has requested you to complete.

• Researching for Material
While some essays such as narrative essays or personal essays can be written with little research material, you need in-depth research when you are writing essays such as informative essays or argumentative essays. This is because you need to back your argument with valid and authentic evidence. Use a mix of research sources and don’t rely too much on internet sources. You may how ever use the internet to access data bases of electronic copies of published scholarry journal articles which are very useful in writing academic papers. Don’t forget to reference the information you bring in from outside sources.

• Planning your Essay
Before you move in to your actual writing, draw up an essay outline. This will make sure that you work according to a structure and proper flow of your argument. The outline allows you to note down all the necessary sections which your essay should have and the content that is needed to build up these sections. This also facilitate more efficient researching as you are already aware of what you are looking for. An outline can make sure that all the important points are included and the details are presented in a logical fashion to make your argument convincing.

Use these essay tips to write an convincing and interesting argumentative essay which will get you nothing short of an A+. You may make use of sample essays available in online essay banks or get essay help from a professional essay writing firm if you feel that your own writing caliber is not up to the expectations.