Writing a Compare Contrast Essay

Compare Contrast Essays should Exhibit the Similarities and the Differences

Compare and Contrast Essay
Compare contrast essay is one of the common essay types which are requested by the college students in their academic curriculum. At the outset this essay would speak about the similarities and the differences of the two variables. Students can compare and contrast any two objectives, events, persons, countries or any other subject. By reading this essay, a person will be able to analyze both the variables in a detailed manner and this provides detailed examination. Therefore this essay can have elements of an analysis essay incorporated in to the writing.

Selecting Suitable Essay Topics

The students have to select a topic by considering certain points. First of all, both the variables should be comparable and should share common dimensions. They should have both similarities and differences. For instance students can write on ‘England and Australia’. Here the students can compare and contrast these two countries based on dimensions of climate, size, economy, language, culture etc. Here are few more topics which students can consider when writing compare contrast essays.
• City life & country life
• Full time students & part time student
• Palm top computers & lap top computers
• Accounting & auditing
• Outsourcing & in-house production
• Horror movie & romantic movie
• On the job & off the job training
• Childhood and old age

Different Essay Methods

There are numerous ways to write compare contrast essays. Students can select either of the below stated methods to write this essay.

• Method 1- Students can write the essay starting with an introduction. Subsequently, both the variables should be compared on the selected dimensions. Then both the variables should be distinguished across the chosen dimensions. This subsection should act as a contrast essay. Finally the conclusion should be written.

• Method 2- Here students can write the introduction followed by the body in which the paragraphs are separated as per the comparison dimensions. In each point the two variables are compared and contrasted. Each point should be discussed in a different paragraph. This method is most appropriate when there a many dimensions being considered. It can make the writing more systematic and coherent.

Writing a compare contrast essay is a challenging task. The writer will have to possess critical knowledge on both the variables to successfully compare and contrast. Also there is a threat of not being able to submit the essay on time if you are overloaded with term paper writings and examinations. Facing this dilemma, you may opt for essay writing help. If so, you can order a customized essay from coursework-writing.co.uk. Our writers are proficient in any type of essay ranging from academic essay to professional essay or creative essay writing.