Write Your Abortion Essay in Various Forms

Abortion Essay – A Controversial Topic among Many

One of the most controversial subjects a student will be expected to write essays on will be an abortion essay. This type of essay as with all essay types should be researched thoroughly and written clearly and concisely. Before we begin the process of learning how to write an essay let us educate ourselves on what actually is an abortion. When a person decides to have an abortion it results in the termination of the pregnancy with the death of the fetus. This can be perceived as wrong by some and right by others. It is essential to decide before you begin writing your essay if you are for or against the subject. It is based on this standpoint of yours that the essay argument can be built.

• Research Thoroughly
As abortion is a controversial subject it can be written as a controversial essay, a cause and effect essay or even an argument essay. Immaterial of the essay form chosen, you must engage in substantial researching to back up your standpoint with valid outside evidence. Make sure you refer to a wide variety of sources to get an all round input on the subject. This includes newspaper articles as well as articles in medical journals on the procedure itself. Being able to cite abortion statistics can improve your essay validity and its convincing power. So, try sourcing some valid statistics on the subject as well.

• As an Analytical Essay
Another way to write this essay would be as an analysis essay where you weigh the pros and the cons of abortion. Is it better for an unwed mother to terminate her pregnancy? What are the repercussions of an abortion? The number of deaths of the mothers related to abortion. The relief at not having to give birth to an unwanted child conceived by rape could be a few topics you might be able to write pros and cons on.

• Opinion on Abortion
This subject can also be discussed from an ethical standpoint. You may write an opinion essay where you state that while it could be wrong ethically, it is the mother’s right to choose, especially if her life is in jeopardy. Ethical issues regarding this sensitive subject have been argued over and over again for many years, and still there are misgivings about whether it should be legal or illegal. The religious views pertaining to the subject also carries a direct bearing on the matter.

• A Health and Medical Perspective
You can even write this in the form of a health essay or a process and procedure essay explaining the procedure of an abortion. This side however should be dealt with caution as it deals with the medical side and your terms and theories will have to be accurate. You should cite reliable and respected sources such as medical journals and texts giving such information

It is important that when writing your essay to keep an open mind, and write without a writer’s bias even when you are writing an argumentative essay. This means your argument has to be constructive and objective with ample evidence to back your theories and arguments. Convince your readers that your standpoint is correct if you are writing a persuasive or argumentative essay. Adopt any form of these essay forms and write with the proposed essay tips to come out with an excellent Abortion essay paper. .

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