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Do You Know to Write Essay in Different Formatting Styles?

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When students have to write essay, they need to do so as per proper formatting styles. It is not possible to address all formatting styles within one article. Therefore, let us discuss one of the most common formatting systems which are the APA style. This method of writing is mainly used in the social sciences. Students as early as high school will be assigned essays to be written in the APA format. Hence, it is of great importance that they learn how to write essay in this style.

What is APA Writing Style?

APA is an acronym of American Psychological Association. It is a set of rules which allow students to format their essays, term papers, literature reviews and dissertations accordingly. There are instructions on how to do in-text citations, pagination, references list, margins, subheadings etc. Using a particular style helps maintain uniformity in written work and also assists the reader by making it easy for reading. For instance, reading and understanding a complex and lengthy manuscript might seem impossible unless a particular style is not used. Therefore, having a good understanding of this format and knowing how to write an essay in this format is vital for all students.

Sections of the APA Essay Paper

As mentioned above, adhering to a particular format makes it easier for the reader. Therefore, the APA style essay paper too, is divided into the following sections.
• Title page
• Abstract
• Introduction
• Methodology
• Results
• Discussion
• References
• Appendices

General Guidelines for APA Essay Writing

Certain elements in the APA style are general directions and are easy to follow when you write essay. These include the using of Times Roman and font size 12 and one inch margins on all four sides of the paper. Apart from this, using font size 14 and centering the title with bold text and capitalizing of the first letter of each main word are some elements to be considered when writing the title page.

In Text Citations for Essay Writing

This section is the most complicated when writing the essay in APA format. The in-text citations in an essay lead the reader to the references page. Every source used in the essay should be cited in the proper manner. For example, if quoting or using any other person’s ideas or theories, these persons should be given credit to avoid being accused of plagiarism. This style of writing uses the author date citation style. This means the students should include the author’s last name and year of publication of the book within parenthesis and place it at the end of the sentence which contains the information being cited or quoted. All the sources cited will be recorded accurately in the reference section of the essay. The entire list should be double spaced. If you require samples of essays written in this format, there are many essays online which you can use to obtain and gain an understanding of.

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