Write a Freedom Essay with an Essence of Freedom

Freedom Essays Require Self-determination Skills

Dwight Eisenhower pronounces as ‘Freedom has its life in the hearts, the actions, the spirit of men and so it must be daily earned and refreshed – else like a flower cut from its life-giving roots, it will wither and die’. Every individual will desire to have freedom. One man’s freedom is another man’s prison. So we should not abuse it.

Freedom essays will be primarily requested to be written by students who select logic and political science subjects in their schools and universities. The subject matter of freedom will be linked to laws, constitutions and sociology. Also since freedom is a common topic; all the students can be requested to write.

Voices of freedom essays

Freedom essays can be written from different perspectives.

• You can write on individual’s freedom. Also you are open to write about your freedom.
• You can write about a community’s freedom, this is a common topic nowadays.
• You can write about animal’s rights to freedom, just much as human’s freedom.
• Finally you can write about a country’s or a nation’s freedom.

The selection of topic should be made according to the assignment requirements as well as the tone of your essay. Nevertheless the essay should be interesting enough to persuade the readers to uphold freedom of every one.


Attaining freedom is a very complicated task. This requires immense hard work and it require numerous sacrifices and dedications of many. You will have to pool together all your essay writing and analytical skills in to writing on such a debatable topic. Diligent empirical researching is important. Books on freedom and information in the internet will be helpful. You should invest time in brainstorming activities. Preplanning will aid you to write a well designed and well structured essay which has logical progression. A sketch or an outline should be put up prior to writing the essay.

Essay writing techniques

As per normal essay writing norm the essay should include a thesis statement. Proper introduction should be written. Then the message body and finally the conclusion should be written with equal zest as many students just pen in few words in a bid to finish the essay when it comes to conclusion. Contemporary presentation techniques like lay out, and formatting should be made use of. Also subheadings, bullets and numberings, usage of fonts and font sizes can be presented to facilitate better clarity.

Your freedom essay can speak about freedom of speech, freedom of expressing the views, freedom of living and many more that transmit to the subject. Further you can include the pre history of freedom. Throughout the evolvement man was raising hands for freedom. There are many freedom fighters that we are aware of. The write up should include about adherents like Nelson Mandela, Ghandi and Nehru. Finally the essay should be proof read by another person. Grammatical and spelling errors should be totally eliminated as these would not reflect well on the essay and its writer.

Writing a freedom essay is not a trouble-free task. Your essay would stamp your perceptions and personality so you should be deliberate in what you write. Sometimes the task of an essay of this nature may prove too cumbersome for you. If this is the case, seek help from coursework-writing.co.uk and obtain a customized essay. Our writers are top notched and well experienced with excellent writing skills. The work they deliver will not fall short of your expectations.