What is Essay Writing in UK Style?

Differences between Essay Writing UK and Essay Writing American Style

No matter which country you are in, it is the standard procedure of any academic institute to request essay writing. These institutions may request essay writing UK style or in American style. An obvious but often unthought-of question is “What is an essay?” An essay is a piece of writing which is written most often with the writer’s point of view. All types of essay writing combines creative thought, writing skills as well as organization skills. Writing an essay can polish ones writing abilities and research skills. There are many types of essays such as argument essays, essays on truth and courage, illustrative essays, design essays etc. Whichever type of essay you write if it is to be an English essay, then it will need to be written according to either UK English or American English. Differences lie mainly in the use of language than the standard structure and formats applicable.

• UK and American English
Writing essays in the United States is different from essay writing in the UK. If you are a student of a UK educational institution, then the need will be to write in UK style. Even if you are from another country studying in English medium, the college you study will usually specify the preference. Whether you write your own essay or use a third party to write it such as an essay writing service, it is essential that you understand some of the differences involved in UK and American essay writing. While it will not be possible to provide a comprehensive list of all the differences between the two styles, below are few examples of how UK and American writing will differ.

• Differences in Spelling
First and foremost there is the spelling. Did you ever notice that American English spell certain words minus a few letters? For example words such as “favourite” and “colour”; the Americans will spell the words as “favorite” and “color”. This is a very clear understanding of the omission of the letter “u”.

• Use of Z vs. S.
Another form of difference in the British and American English is the fact that most American English writers will use the “-ize” instead of the “-ise”. For example, when spelling words like organize and recognize the English way would be to add “ise” instead of “ize”.

• Grammatical differences
When compared there are also certain differences in grammar between American English and British English. For example, “the local team ARE doing better than last year”. This will be the way it will be spoken in Britain but in United States the sentence will be “the local team IS doing better than last year”. In essay writing you need to be well aware of such differences to comply with style requirements.

• Differences in Vocabulary
When examining the differences further we will come across the differences in vocabulary. The word “biscuit” is a British word. In American vocabulary it will be “cookie”. The word “zip code” is the American word for “postal code”.

Although these are just a few of the differences in the English language, there are many more. If you are considering getting help with your essay, whether it is a compare contrast essay or an informative essay it is necessary to find out if the writing service you are considering is knowledgeable in this type of matter. If you are from the UK and you need a paper written by a writing service coursework-writing co.uk is an excellent choice for you as their writers will be well conversant in the essay writing UK style.