Wage a War against Your War Essay Assignment

Incorporate Time Lines in to Writing of Informative War Essays

War is a sad but a hard fact of the world history and even the present times. Every country has experienced effects of war some time in the history. Writing a war essay calls for a good understanding of the particular war that is being addressed through the essay. There are different types of wars that can be the basis of your essay. There are world wars, civil wars, revolutionary wars, cold wars, mythical wars etc. There is a wealth of information you will be able to find on any one of these topics. The key to writing a successful essay is by being thorough, creative and dedicated to the task. Don’t forget the importance of incorporating relevant time lines in to the essay.

Here are some options when it comes to writing war essays.

World War I and World War II

Some of largest human casualties were inflicted by these two wars. They are also the most historic of wars as it involved some of the most powerful nations in the world. One lasted approximately five years and the other lasted all of six years and was responsible in destroying lives, homes and businesses of millions of people. There are still people who suffer from the repercussions of the World War II. Your essay can discuss the plight of people of Japan, the Jews, the Germans and other many elements of these two wars.

The Trojan War

This war has been popularized by the movie “Troy”. If you need better understanding of how this war started it is recommended that you watch the movie or read the famous literature surrounding this era. It all started with Prince Paris of Troy stealing Queen Helen from her husband Menelaus. This war is considered one of the most infamous wars in Greek mythology. Writing this essay can allow you to discuss the moralities of the royals and the courage of war heroes as Achilles.

The Iraq War

This war essay topic is of some concern as many students will have some family member still fighting or has lost his life to this war. Your essay can discuss on how the war started in 2003 and the causes which spurred the war. The cause being, the concern between America and UK about the amassing of Weapons of Mass Destruction by the Iraqi Government. However, with the onset of 9/11 the American Government decided to invade Iraq.

Vietnam War

When writing war essays, Vietnam War is a popular subject area. Diplomatically referred to as a military conflict the Vietnam War took the lives of more than six million people, US and Vietnamese alike. The reason for the US to be involved in Vietnam was to prevent it going into the hands of the Communist guerrilla group Viet Cong . Although there were mixed opinions about the US’s involvement in the war, the final outcome was that they lost the war in Vietnam in April 1975.

Writing these essays is an education for the students as they learn more about a topic which they merely heard in passing. However, they should keep in mind that research is vital and proper attention should be given to citing sources and keeping accurate record of facts and data.

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