Various Perspectives to be Included in a Violence Essay

Provide Solutions to Reduce Violence in your Violence Essay

Violence Essay
Many people believe that violence stems from personal problems. Could this be true? If we were to analyze two violent children can we safely surmise that the reason for their violent behaviour is a result of problems at home? If we were to watch the cartoon programs that children watch, this statement will prove untrue. Personal problems are not the main cause of violence in children. What they see, who they watch are main contributors to violence in children. There are different types of violence. A violence essay can discuss any one of them.

Violence in School

There have been many incidences where children have been fatally injured or even killed due to violence in school. In 2005 a 16 year old student in Red Lake Minnesota shot and killed 9 people while injuring 7 others. Your essay can discuss on what caused this student to shoot these people and how schools are trying to avoid this type of violence prevailing. School violence ranges from bullying to assault, rape, molesting etc. The essay you write needs to address each of these types and analyse what cause such anti-social behaviours in children of school going age.

Violence on Television

If you switch on the TV all you will see is violence. Any programme, even the news will show clips about violence in some place. Is this the correct way to ensure that there is less violence in the world? Even age old cartoons such as Tom & Jerry depict violence. The way these cartoons treat violence and injuries sensitize the kids to effects of violence. High level of violence which the children are being exposed to in media is a controversial issue discussed today. Your violence essay can question on how much of violence should be shown on television and who are to regulate this exposure. Some may call on the media regulators while others may argue that parents have the capacity to restrict the amount of violence which their children are exposed to.

Domestic Violence Issues

Domestic violence is another common topic which you can consider. This issue can be written as a narrative essay from the perspective of a victim. This will make for interesting reading. Domestic violence constitutes of physically or mentally abusing a spouse, child or girlfriend. Your essay can address the psychological implications of domestic violence on the victim and provide a reasonable solution to avoid it.

Solution to the Problem

This way of writing the essay is an excellent approach that can create awareness of how this issue can be managed. The first step to approach this is to identify what your solution to violence is. This can be written as a solution essay. Provide information on how living with an abusive parent can be avoided or what to do to ensure that the amount of violence seen on TV can be reduced. As of recent days music too is instigating violence. Propose regulatory measures and precautionary measures that can help reduce violence in home, school, work place or in society in general.

As you can see there are many ways in which to tackle your violence essay. Conduct thorough investigations when you are providing solutions to these problems. When giving your opinion, ensure that you have proper evidence to back you up. If not your viewpoint will not have any credibility.

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