Attaining High Quality in University Essay Writing

Different Types of University Essays are Assigned for University Coursework

Many types of essays are assigned to students while pursuing various university coursework. University essay carries more stringent requirements than other types of essays written in high school. These will improve the students’ writing skills and gear them to perform well in tasks involving formal written work. In universities students are called on to write various types of essays. Through writing of essays students further their knowledge of the assigned or selected topics as well. And through their essay writing tutors are able to evaluate the students’ knowledge on the subject as well as writing capabilities.

Types of Essays
Depending upon the coursework assignment and the subject, the types of essays assigned will differ and knowing about these differences makes writing them much easier. A university essay can fall in to any one of the following categories.

• Short essays – You may be required to write short essays of 500-1000 words on various subject matters. These are mainly assigned during the coursework to assess the student’s knowledge levels of each key section of the curriculum being completed. This type of essays requires to be informative and provide few examples but will not involve deep analysis and providing of recommendations due to being a brief essay.

• Term Paper Essays – The standard university essays mainly come in the form of term paper writing. The main requirement of this essay is to conduct deep research and extended essay writing. They require comprehensive essays to be written with analysis of literature and theoretical frameworks. Such essays are submitted at the end of a term.

• Dissertation and Thesis Essays – These are very lengthy essays which have separate sections and chapters. The main focus of these essays is to research upon the thesis question. Writing this essay is usually a one time assignment during a degree program.

Formats of University Essays
There are four main formats which have to be adhered to when writing university essays. These formats are the APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard etc. Each academic organization will have different formatting requirements. Therefore, it is important that students find out what format they are to use before writing any of the abovementioned essay types. Refer to formatting guides available in libraries or in online resource sites  so that you are well conversant in the task.

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