Two Ways to Interpret International Essay Assignments

International Essays: For Coursework or Competition?

Among the many different types of essays written, the students will also have to write an international essay. This essay writing assignment can be considered from two approaches. One assignment type would be the international relations essay written for class coursework. The other form would be an essay written to be submitted to the international essay competitions.

International Relation Essay
What is an international relations essay? This type of essay will discuss the many ways in which different countries maintain relations with each other. International relations are very important to any country. With many countries going into war, it is important for these countries to develop and maintain good relationships with other countries and cultures. Increased globalization further increase the need for extensive international relations. When assigned this type of essay for coursework modules, students can write about the cause of 9/11, regional integration, terrorism, global trade, cross cultural relations etc. The international essay could even encompass the topics such as various religions, values and cultural norms of  other countries. It shoudl then highlight the importance of empathy and understanding of these aspects to build strong relations among different countries.

International Essay Contest
The international essays contests which are available to students offer good essay writers a chance to win prizes for their essays. These contests are mainly for students between the ages of 18 to 25 and winners stand to receive almost a $1000 in cash. This provides students with much needed cash to fund requirements such as stationary. Winners will also have their essays published. The many contests include the World Bank International Essay Competition, The Nelson Mandela International Essay competition, UNESCO Essay contest etc. The essays will vary in length from 1000 words to 3000 depending on varying requirements. Most contests provide essay topics on which the essays are to be written.

Writing the Essay
Regardless of whether you are writing for the contest or for your coursework, there are certain essay writing rules which need to be applied. For example, every essay has to be written according to a certain format. The formats will vary as per assignments and from college to college.  One academic institute will wish for students to write their international essays in APA format while another will require the MLA format.  Students are advised to know the basics of all formats to save time and also present professional work.

Topics for the essay in the contest will be provided. However, when writing the essay for class coursework students may have to select their own. They should ensure that topics are relevant, interesting and manageable. These three elements will enable them to do their best when writing the essay.

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