Writing a Persuasive TV Essay

The TV Essay Can Educate Others on its Positive and Negative Effects

TV Essay The TV has been around for a number of years. Many feel the TV is a blessing, while others feel otherwise. A TV essay is an essay which will bring the readers closer to understanding its advantages and disadvantages as well as being educated on things that they had no clear idea about. Let us take a look at the many ways in which this essay can be approached.

Who Invented the TV?

There is no one specific person we can name as the inventor of the TV. However, there are many people we can credit or discredit, depending on how one feels about television. There is Marconi who invented wireless telegraphy in 1897, George Carey who sent the first pictures over multiple circuits and Edward Belin who invented a mechanical scanning devise that was close to the television of the future and last but not least, Vladimir Zworykin and Filo Farnsworth. The former had the patent and the latter had the scanning tube designed by him. Your essay can discuss all these inventors and give credit where it is due.

Effects of the TV

With the invention of the TV, many people have veered away from the radio. It is stated that the average person watches more than four to five hours of TV a day. You will be able to write an effect essay, providing views on the positive and negative effects of this much of TV watching. Your TV essay can address positive effects of watching TV such as the opportunity to learn new things, be more informed and be able to experience things otherwise not able to. The negative effects will be the lack of exercise and addiction to TV. Do you believe that it is a waste of time or do you believe that by watching TV people gain more intelligence? This can be your argumentative thesis idea for the essay. Keep in mind that whatever your view, it should be backed by sound evidence.

TV and the Young

Children and adults have different perspectives when it comes to the TV. Children have a limited view of the world. What they see on TV is part of this view. They do not have the knowledge required to differentiate the real from the fictitious world. Children need to be supervised in what they watch. If not, they believe that what they see on TV is real. A child should also be allowed to watch only a few hours of TV. Too much TV for a child can have psychological and physical repercussions as well. It is recommended that TV should be allowed in moderation to increase the child’s health and welfare.

Writing the TV essay is an easy task for many students. There are many essays online which will provide them with the necessary guidance required to write a good essay.

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