Tips to Write an Endearing Style Essay

Style Essays Should Include all the Disciplines of Styles

Style Essay Style is approximately an idealistic view. It’s very difficult to define a best style due to the subjective assessment factors involved in preferences. Styles would change form person to person. This is the era of change and style is one of the many things that would change on a daily basis. This topic will be applicable to those pursing course modules in fashion designing, textile technology, fashion merchandising and retailing etc. However, since the concept of style can have a dual meaning of “varied approaches” there can be style essays such as management styles, communication styles etc. The approach needed in the particular style essay will depend on the subject area being pursued.

Different Perspectives on Style

Style essays can be written based on many perspectives. The students can select a preferred perspective if the assignment has not stipulated anything regarding this in the requirements. Some of the style perspectives that your essay can explore and discuss are provided below:

Individual Style – Everyone in this world would have their own style. This would be an interesting topic for the students. Here, you can address how to tailor individual style to suit various contexts, functions, and individual features. The essay can write about various personal styles from writing, communicating, drawing, dressing, presenting, handling, problem solving, and management styles. The link between role models and formation of styles and personal style statements can be discussed within the essay.

Various disciplines-Here the essay writer can write the essay based on the study discipline. If you are a management student, you may address topics such as management styles, leadership styles, decision making styles, mentoring styles etc. If you were following literature, or arts, then the writing styles, painting styles etc will be the focus of your style essay. For instance, Shakespear’s writing style is greatly differentiated from other modern and contemporary writers. Sociology coursework may produce difference styles involved in greetings, communications and celebrations.

Interesting Topics for a Style Essay

Selection of an appropriate topic should be in accordance with the subject area and the instructions. Following essay topics can provide students with some interesting ideas to choose their own topics in writing an essay.
• What is style and how can it change from person to person?
• Discuss various managerial styles and their context dependency.
• My personal style in attire.
• Eras in fashion styles in Accessories.
• Ancient Egyptian jewellery styles.
• Decision Making styles are highly dependent upon cultural orientations

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