Thesis Research is the Backbone of a Quality Thesis

Thorough and Accurate Thesis Research is Essential to Write a Good Thesis

Thesis writing is not the same as essay writing. Neither is the research conducted for a thesis project. Essay research, which primarily focuses on secondary data sources, is straightforward and easier when compared to the in-depth thesis research. The research component of the study is the most crucial to a successful thesis. Therefore, before beginning the research, students should have a proper idea as to what type of research methods is available to them and to understand how to conduct research in a proper manner.

Purpose of Research for the Thesis
Most students are often short of time to conduct research and will not spend quality time doing so. They do not understand the purpose of conducting thorough research on their thesis writing project. The purpose you are conducting research on a certain area of research is to add new knowledge to existing ones. The novelty, solidness of content and validity and reliability of thesis findings depends heavily upon the research methodology applied in a dissertation thesis. Therefore, you need to ensure that the research conducted is thorough and accurate.

Types of Thesis Research Methods
The research methods applied will vary according to the topics selected. If you are writing a thesis paper on a scientific topic, your research methods will be more experimental. Others make use of survey research, case study based research or literature based research. Deciding on the appropriate method is crucial to writing a good thesis paper. Majority of thesis research conducted there are two main research methods categories. These are qualitative research and quantitative research.

• Qualitative Research – This is descriptive and exploratory means of research in which the answers are open and flexible. The objective is to understand and explore than to verify or clarify.

• Quantitative Research – The purpose of quantitative research is used to measure certain relationships between variables and identify and establish phenomena.

How to Conduct Thesis Research
Although many students know the types of research methods utilized, when it comes to conducting research, they have no idea how to proceed. Below are some pointers which will help you to understand the procedure on how to conduct your research.
• Select a good subject and a topic. This is essential. It should be a topic which interests you enough to conduct thorough research.
• Discuss your research method options with the tutor. Ask him which methods of research are the most suitable for your topic.
• Begin you research as soon as possible. The worst thing you can do is to wait till the last minute to conduct your research.
• Ensure that the material used for your dissertation writing research is reliable.
• Consider many options of information. Do not go with the first source you come across. There may be more information on your topic. You should research further to find out.

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