The Great Gatsby Essay Questions Require In Depth Knowledge of the Novel

The Great Gatsby Essay Questions can be Diverse, So be Ready to Answer Any of Them

Students doing English literature will be assigned essay questions on various literature work which they will be studying. These questions should be answered accurately for their essay assignments to be considered effective and to receive good grades. One of the common topics assigned in literature calluses is the novel, The Great Gatsby. Being able to anticipate possible essay questions related to this topic can be an added advantage for students in their essay writing task. We have provided below a few probable The Great Gatsby essay questions that you can consider and ponder upon for better ideas and novel perspectives.

What is The Great Gatsby?
Written by American author F. Scott Fitzgerald, the novel, is about the chaos left behind in World War I. The novel discusses the prosperity of America following the war and the repercussions of prohibition, a ban on selling alcohol which increases the success of organized crime. The novel centres on a youth by the name of Nick Carraway who although liked the high life was never comfortable with it.

Essay Questions
Below are some essay questions on the novel which will provide you with a better understanding of how to answer The Great Gatsby essay questions.
• Nick’s reaction to Jordan.
• How is Nick different to the people he spends time with?
• Who is Gatsby and what can you say about his character?
• Does Gatsby tell the truth about his life to Nick? If so is it believable?
• Does Daisy really love Tom or does she have another beau?
• What is the significance of the people who attended Gatsby’s funeral?
• Why does Nick take care of the arrangements for the funeral?
• Do you think the fact that Nick is the narrator of the story and that he also is the main character of the story is suitable?
• What is the overall tone of the novel?
• Do you think the physical description of Daisy Buchanan is well aligned with the character depicted of her?

Answering the Essay Questions
The first step to answer any essay question is to understand what is being asked. Read through the entire question and make sure that you know EXACTLY what you are supposed to do. Questions cannot be answered with vague ideas. Therefore, if students desire good marks, they are recommended to read the entire novel. This is applicable to answering any essay question assigned such as Great Expectations essay questions, Catch in the Rye essay questions etc. Once the requirements are understood and the material has been closely read, you are better equipped to answer the Great Gatsby essay questions.

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