Tips to Write a Summary Essay

Summary Essays Should Represent the Main Sources

Summary Essay
‘Summarizing skills’ are necessary for our day to day life. So, writing a summary essay can deveop essential skills in students. In doing this assignment, the writer will be expected to make the write up much shorter than the source which is presented or available. Further, the ideas and the contents would be restated using rephrasing and paraphrasing techniques. The main purpose of writing this essay is to convey the gist or the essence of a lengthier material in the form of a summary to the target audience. Fundamentally the summary essay acts as a concise alternative to the real essay.

Recommended Essay Strategies

Summary essay can be written based on two strategies. They are as follows:

• Students will be given a detailed write up and will be requested to write a summary of it. Professors would provide a requirements sheet which contains all the requirements for summary essays.

• Sometimes students will be given to choose their own source article and write a summary essay. They may also be allowed to write on an extended topic in a summarized manner. For instance, a summary of childhood, education, future aspirations, college curriculum etc. can be used as topic ideas.

Although summarizing may sound like a simple task, many students find it not so easy once they encounter the task. The first step is to identify the main theme or the thesis statement of the source article or the chosen topic. Then, the key points supporting this should be identified and listed out. You need to read the full version of the source material and identify the critical points to be summarized. Clustering the points and writing them in a chronological order can facilitate the writer to capture the central issues within the broader context. When summarizing the writer should take precautions as not to omit any key factors that can alter the message and mislead the readers. As the summary should be in fact a reproduction of the original information in more concise manner, the essence of both articles should be matching.

Guidelines for Essay Writing

Summary essays are written in general essay structure with an introduction, body content and a conclusion. The essay should start with a thesis statement. If you are summarizing a source document as a novel, a research paper etc. you have to identify the author and the source material. The formatting of the essay will have to comply with the specified system. This should be according to one of the formatting systems such as Harvard, APA and MLA essay formats. Students need to focus on the key factors and screen out minor facts so that the conciseness of writing can be achieved. Students should not extend their own ideas, descriptions and opinions when they have to write an essay in summary form. However, it is important to use your own words instead of the words presented in the full source when writing the summarized version. But the word and phrases you use should characterize the same notion of the sentences of the writer. The conclusion must be written as per the main source. Students should not write their own conclusions in this type of essays as the task of the writer is to repeat the content in a more summarized form.

Seeking Essay Writing Help

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