State the Problem and a Solution in Your Proposal Essay

Writing Good Proposal Essays Require Ingenuity with Solutions

When you are asked to write a proposal essay, most of you will wonder what it entails and how to write one well. The first question which will come to your mind when given an assignment is what exactly is this essay? This type of essay is written by students who will be following a degree program such as a Masters or a PhD. The essay is written with the intention of convincing the reader that the solution being proposed by the essay writer to an identified problem is feasible and effective. Never postpone gcse osmosis coursework writing

Identify Problem
Essay Plan is a critical element of this sort of essays. As the first step of planning, decide upon the problem you will address in your essay. The problem should be something relevant to your field of study. Then it should be interesting and ideally yet unexplored. Thirdly the problem should be current and relevant to the audience. The problem you select will also be the essay topic for you. Therefore select it with careful consideration.

Identify the Solution
Next step is to think of the solution you will be proposing. You may first come across a number of possible solutions and then choose to propose the most effective. Consider the solutions on its merit of feasibility, viability and effectiveness. These solutions should also be acceptable in the context of the problem. Some solutions may be effective in one context but lack viability in implementing in another context. For example if you were considering an economic problem and proposing a solution, then the viability of the solution can depend upon the context. If you had initially proposed the solution to a developed economy, then the same will not be viable in a developing economy. These needs to be taken in to consideration when writing a good essay. Don’t overload your chemistry coursework with minor details

Writing the Essay
As with all types of essays, research has to be done extensively. Doing this will familiarize you with the subject matter and it will also be apparent to the reader that you are familiar with it as well. This will help you to influence him more as anyone who doesn’t know what the subject is cannot give a proper solution. To be taken seriously your essay should be written in a clear and concise manner. Use an essay outline to help you organize your thoughts and present your solution persuasively and convincingly.

In your essay introduction you should state the problem and in the thesis statement propose the solution to it. The body should be all about the solution and should be backed by research. The more research you can provide for your solution the more feasible and convincing it will be. The essay conclusion will restate the problem and the solution. Wish to write a great english literature coursework? Contact our team of expert writers now

Writing a proposal essay is usually undertaken at higher academic levels and hence the expected quality and professionalism is high. Make sure to proofread and edit the work and format and present it well. If you need professional assistance, enlist help from a good essay writing service such as Coursework writing This can provide you with a benchmark work for future reference and familiarize your with the type of writing work presented by professionals.