Solution Essay Is About Proposing Solutions!

Provide Relevant and Viable Recommendations in Your Solution Essay

Solution Essay Solution essay is a vital assignment in essay writing which will provide you with the necessary skills to propose recommendations and solutions when it comes to extended essay writing and thesis projects. This academic essay will call for the providing and proposing of solutions. It would therefore be essential that you first identify a good problem and outline and explain this before coming to the stage of proposing solutions. These problems may be from our day to day lives or considered from a national or global perspective. When it comes to public sector, we see that administrators presenting solution proposal papers for resolving identified problems. The arrival at a solution depends greatly on how you analyse the issue at hand.

Different Problems to Consider

Recommendations provided in solution essays are depending in the way of thinking. Each person handles a problem in different way according to their attitudes, ideas and outlooks to problem solving. The problems and solutions being faced will also differ by the profession and field of study in which an individual is involved in. For example, an engineer will commonly face problems in the technical and construction areas and the solutions will come through the application of technical skills and knowledge. Teachers always focus on students, student development and how to improve teaching methods. Lawyers’ focus would be on legal problems while business studies students will have a host of managerial, marketing and financial problems to provide solutions for if written as a management essay.

Methods of Arriving at Solution

Scientists use systematic methods to resolve the problems, which is also referred to as scientific method. Accountants solve the problems as per established accounting standards and regulatory clauses. Business issues combine business acumen and risk analysis. Some people come up with solutions out of their gut feelings but this is a risky was to resolve issues. We can say problem solving is dependent upon the knowledge of the person resolving the issue and also on the persons’ attitude towards problem solving.

Solution Essay Should Outline the Problem

When solution essays are being written, the writers should have knowledge on specific problem and look at the context very carefully. It is important that you analyze the problem and able to provide better solution to the readers. Writers should view the problem in readers view point. Then only will you be able to provide better solution and convince the readers. Sometimes writer may make the wrong assumption that reader knows the problem but actual readers don’t have any idea about the problem. This is why in the essay, there should be a section assigned for outlining or providing and overview of the problem.

Simple Example of a Problem Solving Essay

For example there will be problem in an organization which is reduction in profit and they assigned the work to a consultant to provide solution for this problem. The consultant identifies the problem and provides solution and submits the proposal to top management. This solution essay should comprise of the situation analysis, cause identification, and recommendations of solutions proposed for implementation to improve profitability. This is an example of a solution essay written for a business course module.

Writing an essay with solutions can be a difficult task, especially since you need to ensure that the essay provides viable solutions. This is an important skill and students should learn to analyze problems and provide useful solutions. If the task proves too hard, then you have another good solution! Obtain help from Coursework-writing and your problem of submitting a good quality professional essay will be resolved. Our writers are fully equipped with a whole array of writing skills and your solution essay will be the best that gets submitted.