Smoking Essay Can be Informative and Persuasive

Educating the Reader on the Ill Effects of Smoking in a Smoking Essay

Smoking EssayThe smoking essay is an excellent essay for students to highlight the dire repercussions of smoking. However, this manner of approaching the writing of the essay has been done over and over. Therefore, it should be kept in mind that although students should instil the dire repercussions of smoking in the reader’s mind, they should also do it in a manner which does not make the reader role up his eyes and say “here’s another one which will bore me to death”. There are many ways in which you can inform the readers on the ill effects of smoking without doing this. Let us find a few ways to do so.

The “Cool” Effects of Smoking

Smoking is most common in high school and college students. Smoking among adolescents begins as early as middle school age. This is considered “cool”. However, these adolescents do not know the after effects of smoking. Therefore, it is the student’s obligation to educate others on its ill effects through an effect essay and by stressing on its “uncool” results of these so called “cook” actions.

Secondary Smokers

Many people failed to realize until recently, that second hand smoke or passive smoke often is more harmful than that of actually inhaling a cigarette. Second hand smoke contains ingredients found in items such as rat poison, insecticide, carbon monoxide etc. These elements are considered dangerous and cause cancer and other illnesses. Therefore, it is a person’s right to ask a person who is smoking to put out his or her cigarette. This can be an interesting persuasive or argumentative essay topic. The theme can be “Do you want to be in the same room with a person who is exhaling all these poisons into the air so that you can suffer along with him?”

Convincing a Smoker to Quit

Convincing an avid smoker to quit can be a difficult task. However, with the proper information to back your theories, you might be able to do it. For this task, write the smoking essay in a manner which you would use when writing a persuasive essay, and inform the reader on the ill effects to his or her health through smoking. It is also recommended that students use their powers of persuasion by educating the smoker on how his or her family will have to cope with the illnesses or even death of the smoker.

Solution to Smoking Addictions

Most students are addicted to the nicotine contained within cigarettes and therefore, find it hard to quite. This is why resolutions to quitting smoking must be supported by other solutions. Nicotine patches, chewing gum and changes in diet patterns and life style can be some such solutions. Students can also write on the option of enrolling in a rehabilitation centre and discuss the procedures involved in a solution essay on this subject area. Your smoking essay can discuss any of these methods and the effectiveness involved.

Writing on smoking and its effects can be a boring task for some students. On the other hand, you may find it too time consuming to be handled. If writing essays of any type is difficult, consult Whether you lack the time or the knowledge to write an essay, we will be able to provide you expert assistance.