Short Essays Need To Be Compact

Short Essays need to be kept to the Point with Concise Information

Why do we write essays? Essays are generally written during our academic life for the tutors to assess a student’s abilities of research and writing skills. There are many types of essays a student will be required to write during tenure of academic life. One such type of essays is the short essay. Such an essay is usually written by the student on a narrow topic, and all the research obtained will have to be written in a concise and limited form. The difference with a long essay is that it will have many more pages and will cover a variety of topics. Include factual information in your resistant materials coursework.

• How Short is Short?
Most often when you are introduced to writing this type of essays you will wonder about the length of the essay. The norm is usually 300 to 500 words. However, it is not a set rule. You can stretch your word count to your very own specifications although it is recommended that you do not make it a “long essay”. Keep the word and page limit in your mind so that your essay writing is within it.

• Essay Format
The essay format to follow for this will be the same as for any other essay. It will have to have an introduction with a thesis statement, body paragraphs and a conclusion. The essay introduction and the essay conclusion should be kept brief in this type of essay while the body will have 2 -3 short paragraphs. The 5 paragraph essays are written commonly in this form.

• Essay Planning
If you have not been given an essay topic, then selecting an appropriate topic is the first step of the essay planning. Choose a topic that is not wide in scope as you can not discuss it comprehensively within a short word count. Then draw up an essay outline which is essential for effective writing. By using an outline, you will ensure that your essay is coherent and flows logically and consistently. Without an outline you might find yourself rambling on about unnecessary information. An interesting essay title will ensure your reader’s attention from the first glance. Make it reflective of the content of the essay and try to come up with a catchy and interesting one. In planning stage, come up with a tentative title which can be revised later on when putting the finishing touches to your essay.

• Researching and Referencing
Even though your essay is short, you will require bringing in evidence from outside sources and citing them within your essay. In that case, you must also provide proper references to such information. The most common system which will be used to cite sources will be the APA and MLA systems. Often the format for your essay is specified with your questions. Researching should be conducted properly. Look up many sources to back your theories, do not stay with one. Go through journals, books, and the internet. When going online, it should be kept in mind that certain sites are full of inaccurate information; therefore, the student should make sure that the information he acquires is accurate.

Don’t be too verbose when writing your essay introduction.

Once your essay is complete go through it again and ask yourself if you have written a good essay. Have you presented a coherent and logical idea through your writing and is it consistent right throughout the essay? Have you cited your sources using the correct format? Have you written all the necessary information required as shortly as possible? If you are assured of having positive answers to above questions, then its most likely that your Short essay is written well and effectively. Creating marketing coursework is a demanding and challenging task.