Selecting the Right Essay Title

An Interesting Essay Title Lays the Foundation for a Good Essay

Selecting an appropriate essay title is an important aspect of the writing process. Since this is the first line which the reader will come across in the essay, it should be both interesting and informative. While the title of a work is not expected to be too long, it should be meaningful and representative of what the whole essay will be of. Here are few guidelines on how to create a good title for your work.

1. Write a Title that is Attention Grabbing – Choosing a title which will catch the reader’s attention is essential. The trick lies in using some witty phrase or a startling fact. It can also be a question. If you are writing on a controversial essay topic, the title can sound controversial too. Make sure to include the main key words which represent the concept of your essay and use them strategically within your title.

2. Write it Later – Sometimes writing your title later is more effective and easy than struggling with it at the very outset. For this reason, use a tentative working title first and proceed with writing. Once you finish writing your essay, you will know the most important aspects of your essay. This can then be encapsulated in your final title.

3. Choose According to Essay Type – Depending on the essay type the title should also change. If it’s an informative essay, then the title should have key words that represent the subject matter. If you were to write a narrative essay or a personal essay, then the title can be lighthearted or informal. A process analysis essays, design essays, description essays etc. will use formal headings.

4. Sub titles – You can also make use of a sub title which elaborates on the main title. The second title will be longer and pick up a key point being discussed within the essay. The main key words represented in the main title should also be included in the second title.

5. Match to your Audience – If you know your target audience then the title should be designed to suit their taste. A catchy title may appeal to some readers while others may prefer more formal but informative title. If you were submitting an essay for English Coursework, then creativity and wit may be well appreciated by the tutor. On the other hand, when writing a nursing essay or a marketing essay, formal and concise titles will be a better choice.

Creating a good essay title that gets the attention of the reader and holds it will be very useful for an essay to be effective. As effective essays gets better marks, students are always keen in writing good essays for their assignments. You can refer to some of the online essays by browsing through essay banks or enlist essay help from a professional essay writing service. Coursework-writing is one of the most well reputed firms providing such writing services. The company offers essay writing, dissertation writing and proof reading to its clients form all around the world and maintain very high standards of work. You too can check out how their professional writers pique their reader’s interest with wittily created essay titles.