Selecting Appropriate Long Essay Topics

Long Essay Topics Provide Students with an In Depth Knowledge of the Subject

Assignment essays can be long and short. Some are as short as 250 to 500 words. Long essays will range from 2500-5000 words. These essays are also called extended essays. When it comes to essay writing of this nature, selecting appropriate topics become critical. There are a number of considerations in selecting long essay topics and we will discuss some of them below.

Purpose of the Long Essay
Some of you in high school level may wonder how you can write an essay as long as 5000 words. But such essays are common for university level coursework writing. The purpose of the long essay is for students to have an in depth knowledge of the topic selected. It calls for analysis of the situations as well as providing of recommendations. These essays combine a number of essay writing styles in each of the sections. For instance, it may be informative in the introduction, analytical in the body and opinionated in the conclusion. It also provides the tutors an opportunity to evaluate the student’s writing and thinking skills. The long essay will consist of the standard structure of any other essay but formatting should take in to account the need for section headings as the length of the essay can be confusing.

Selecting Topics for the Long Essay
Long essay topics are usually provided by the tutors. But there are instances when students can select their topics as well. Students should find this out from their tutors and do so only with their approval. A considerable amount of brainstorming is required to come up with good essay topics regardless of length. Questioning and examining all issues which pertain to the subject will help students to come up with topics for their essays. As with all other essay topics, make sure that yours is interesting and familiar. It should have sufficient research material available as well and avoid narrow topics, which will hinder the writing process. A long essay will be very difficult to write if ample information is not found.

Topics for the Essay
There is no variation in topics for long essays. They are similar to the topics which are selected for any essay except the short essay topics. As long as there is adequate information to cover the length of the essay, you can select any topic. Below are some topics which can be selected;
• Abortion
• Global Warming
• The Roman Empire
• Employee motivation
• Marketing techniques Russian Revolution
• Iran – Iraq War
• Freedom and Free will
• Child labour
• Distance Learning

As mentioned above, the selection process of long essay topics should not be any different to the process of the other essay topics. Many sample essay topics can be found online if required. These topics will help students find topic ideas for their essays which they will be able to put to good use when writing their essays. is a company which offers essay help to any student who requires it. With their help you will stand a better chance of presenting essays which are written in the correct manner.