Selecting a Good Essay Topic

Selecting of Essay Topics should taken Many Facts in to Consideration

There are many types of essays that are required from students as a part of coursework during high school or college years. These essays facilitate the student in improving their ability to research, analyse, organise and write well. Student’s creativity as well as general writing skills is sharpened in the process of essay writing. Apart from the format, the writing styles and the structure of an essay, the essay topic play a main part in writing an essay that is effective and

How does one go about selecting the correct essay topics for their essays? Your essay topic is very important as it will direct the whole essay writing. Therefore, it is important to select your topic carefully. Most often your topics are provided for you. But sometimes this might not be the case. In such instances it is important for you to consider a few points that can assist you in selecting an appropriate topic that can make your essay both effective and interesting.

Is your topic appropriate?
Some topics are more suited than others, depending on the type of essay you are expected to write. The topics suitable for an informative essay may differ from narrative essay topics. Similarly, the appropriateness of a topic differs from audience to audience. If it’s for the College Board, then your essay topic should be different from that of what you will choose for an ethics or literature class in college.

Is it easy to research?
Any topic which you have chosen should be easy to research. There should be adequate information regarding the subject so that you can support your points well. This case is especially true for illustration essays or analysis essays where you need to cite outside sources. Some essays such as law essays need referencing to old cases and Acts and jurisdictions. Then, you should make sure that the topic you choose has ample reference material which you are able to access easily.

Scope of the Topic
Some topics are either too broad or too narrow. If it happens to be too broad you will find yourself unable to organise your essay coherently and complete it within the available length. This is especially the case if you are to write short essays. On the other hand, if the topic is too narrow you will find yourself with too little information about it and also not many points to discuss within the essay.

Is it interesting?
Last but not least, the topic should be interesting not only to you but to the reader as well. It should be something which is important to the reader and you and should impart certain information which is new. If the topic is interesting to you it will enable you to write a better essay. Take care to select a topic which is rare and not often taken up if the options permit this. This can perk up the reader’s interest. Such topics should be accompanied by interesting essay title as well which will reflect the essay topic.

Once you have selected your topics according to the abovementioned criteria, you can start the essay writing process. By making sure you have selected a good essay topic, half your job is done. Now, get down to the other half by following all the proper writing and formatting requirements. You can visit few essay banks and refer to some online essays for guidance on how to write an effective essay.