Select Debatable Argumentative Essay Topics

Argumentative Essay Topics You Select Must Have a Controversy

Students with a task of essay writing will need to consider various aspects as topic selection, researching and actual writing. It the assignment is to write an argument essay, this will be an interesting and challenging task. We argue about many things on a daily basis. When we argue, we have to justify our position in the debate. It has to be well supported and logical. You can not win an argument by saying “ because I said so” Same principles apply to writing an argumentative essay. Writing a good argument essay is heavily dependent on selecting an appropriate and interesting topic. Argumentative essay topics are easy to come up with as there are many topics which can be argued on.

What Is A Good Argumentative Essay?
A good argument essay is one which is clear, focused and proves the position taken by the writer. The argument presented should be logical as well. The essay should point out one aspect of the argument, prove it and move on to the next point. All of these points should add together to prove the main argument which is written in the thesis statement. In order to do this it is important for the student to analyze the task set before him and understand the requirements of the essay. Presenting the other side of the argument briefly is also important so that the reader knows what you are disagreeing with.

Selecting good argumentative topics
If you are not assigned a topic as part of your class coursework assignment you will have to select one. There are two main elements which should be considered when selecting good argumentative essay topics. These include the presence of a conflicting point of view and the audience relevance.

• Conflicting points of view
Before a clear topic is selected the students should ask themselves if there are two sides to the issue at hand and if the argument is debatable. The topic should have two conflicting points of view or different conclusions. Some argumentative topics do not have conflicting view points so that you cannot argue on these topics. Once you have confirmed conflicting viewpoints the student should take a position and go on to prove that position in a reasonable and logical manner. This will be done with evidence.

• Relevance to the audience
The topic of selection should be relevant to the present day audience. It should be an argument which interests the readers and is discussed frequently. The topic although frequently discussed should be unique. However, topics from the past can be used as long as it is relevant to the present day. The audience will have people advocating the point of view of the essay writer as well as those who support the opposing view. Therefore, write with logical, justified and well supported ideas than with a personal bias.

Some Argumentative Essay Topics
Most argumentative topics are broad. If you choose a topic which is too broad, narrow it down to a manageable level.

• Abortion – The risks involved.
• The Internet – should children be exposed to it at an early age?
• Domestic Violence – Are the legislature adequate?
• Animal testing – is it necessary?
• Mercy killings – should it be legalized?
• Economic aid to third world – is it modern day colonialism?
• Economic and regional Integration – does it adversely affect free market conditions?

Suitable controversial and interesting essay topics are many to be utilized for an argumentative essays. Ensure that the argumentative essay topics selected are good enough to persuade the reader to agree with your opinion.

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