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While it’s always easy to provide guidelines on how to writing effective and good essays, it is not always easy to provide an example which exemplify these guidelines. The below Sample College Essay is intended to provide students with an idea of how to use tips on essay writing to improve their own writing. This essay can be seen as an opinion essay as the writer is providing his own opinion on the subject matter. Readers can make note of how the essay introduction is written with a thesis line at the end of the first paragraphs and how the body of the essay focus on building the overall argument of the essay. Use of referenced quotes which are properly cited and providing an essay conclusion at the end are all requirements of a college level essay.

American Idol: What Makes it a Great Entertainment

American Idol is one of the most successful TV reality shows in USA with current ratings soaring with over 35 million people viewing the new season. Produced by FrementalMedia on behalf Fox TV Network, the show has become one of the most popular and talked about events among its target viewership not only in USA but also across the globe. Idol with its mediocre initiation has risen to its current stardom due to few key success factors such as the spontaneity of the show, the judges and appeal to a wide age range. This essay explores these key success factors in greater detail.

Exploring the spontaneity aspects of the show, how much of it is truly spontaneous and what parts are orchestrated is a topic of speculation (Shale 2006). The competition’s initial rounds attract tens of thousands of hopeful artists who are screened and only dozens move on to the rounds in Hollywood. In these initial auditions, a mix of expectant artists are showcased comprise of some bizarre acts, very poor singing talent along with those who are chosen for the rounds in Hollywood. The viewers are granted the experience of watching spontaneity at its epitome with bizarre and awful performances such as the portrayal of Lady Marmalade or a “Statue of Liberty” during these auditions rounds. While one may wonder whether such self-delusioned people are for real, viewers will no doubt agree that such eccentricities add to the reality show’s appeal.

Second crucial factor that contributes to the show’s success lies with the judges. Judges themselves add to the drama of the show by blunt and harsh criticisms and unsuppressed dismays expressed verbally and with their dramatic facial expressions. Simon Cowell is one of the meanest critics in the panel of judges coming across as the most critical and harsh of them. As per Tom Shales, in his article, America’s Winning Losers… “when the show started, this aspect of it seemed awfully mean-spirited — humiliation television, cruelty as entertainment” (Shales 2006). However, it has to be accepted that the viewing audience sees such brutal remarks by Simon as “You look like the Incredible Hulk’s wife” as an essential element of the formula which makes Idol the success it is.

The other aspect contributing to the success of the show is its appeal to all ages of the viewer-ship. Although the show’s main target audience may be the teen to twenties age group with their tastes hinging on popular pop culture which Idol relates to, the show is ardently viewed by many who represent other mature age groups. Increasing the upper age limit of participants from 24 to 28 from season 5 onwards may also reflect the show’s appeal to a diverse age group within its audience. The contests also present a wide variety of music ranging from pop, country to rock and this too appeal to a wider age group. The formatting of the show is also done in such a manner that variety is included through the types of music as well as show ambiance.

With its drama and controversies coupled with true talents of the aspiring artists who sing their hearts out in some of the semi final rounds, American Idol is one of TV’s most entertaining shows today. The spontaneity of the show, the contestants and judges as well as its wide appeal to all age groups of viewers can be considered as the key factors contributing to this phenomenal success. While its success may dwindle or plummet down in future, succumbing to the American viewers’ inherent short attention span, the show is currently not only an avenue for the aspiring young artists to realize their dreams but also a platter of “mix grill” of satire, spontaneity, drama and dreams for the viewing public’s pleasure.