Writing Insightful Romeo & Juliet Coursework

Romeo and Juliet Coursework Requires Understanding Shakespeare

Romeo and Juliet is the most famous love story in the English literary tradition written by the most famous playwright in history, William Shakespeare. This is a common coursework assignment which students will face in their english literature coursework. The common form of assignments include Romeo & Juliet essay writing as well as literature review essays. Let us explore the common difficulties encountered by students and how best to approach Romeo and Juliet Coursework.

Common Difficulties
Innumerable students often find themselves puzzled by Shakespeare’s language and his inventive use of words. Many of his contemporaries seem to have had similar problems! The language Shakespeare used markedly differed from modern English and this include grammatical shifts as well as a vast change in vocabulary since the end of the sixteenth century. We no longer add “eth” to the end of verbs like “go”, and there is no longer a distinction between the different forms of “you” represented by “thou” and “ye”. It is this reason amongst many others that leads many students to seek essay help with their Romeo and Juliet coursework.

To be or not to be?
If you decide “to be” the best at this coursework, then there are few guidelines you should apply in to making your coursework standout.

• Make sure to read the play a number of times until you understand the story and the plot.

• Read reviews and critiques of the play so that you can understand what others think of the play and what interpretations have been made.

• Break down the review in to various elements as characters, plot, message, underlying message etc. Then discuss each of these separately and deeply.

• Research on the playwright himself. This can make you discuss his possible motives and intended message.

• Write your Romeo & Juliet Coursework with enthusiasm and with a sense of exploration. After all, these creative writing assignments allow for much freedom of thought and expression of own opinions.

Should you Need Help
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