Selecting Research Essay Topics Needs Pre Planning

Research Essay Topics Should be Approved before Conducting Research

High school and college students are familiar with writing research essays. Although research essay writing and standard essay writing may be perceived as different, the only difference in a research essay is that it requires extensive research on a topic. Thus, it is called the research essay. Such essays needs in-depth researching of both primary and secondary sources and thus needs to have researchable research essay topics.

Understanding the Research Essay
It is understood that when the word “research” is included it is taken for granted that students have to sit with many journals, articles and all documents which pertain to research. A research essay is a document in which you will need to deeply analyze a subject and present findings based on thorough research. A good research essay will present your viewpoint and then test it and supports with the researching done. This is the aim of a research essay.

Selecting Topics for the Research Essay
Before going ahead and starting topics selection procedure on the research essay, you should have an idea as to what type of research essay you will write. Will it be written with secondary research only or will you need primary data as well? Few other considerations in the pre planning process include what resource you have in disposal to conduct the research and what time scale is available. These factors will make some topics viable while others beyond the student’s abilities to be executed. Only when you have decided on these issues should you begin the process of topic selection. It is recommended that students go through sample essay topics of research essays in order to obtain ideas for their topics.

Topics for research essays regardless of the type should be interesting and should pertain to the subject being researched. The main element when selecting good research essay topics is to conduct research on subjects which you are passionate about. For example, if you are interested in Shakespeare and his writings, you can select Shakespeare essay topics. This helps you to conduct thorough research which is easily accessible as well as rich with good topic ideas.

Once a topic of your choice has been selected you will have to find information about the topic. However, before you start gathering information it is recommended that the topic be approved by the tutor in charge. If you do not do this, you will find yourself with waste of research on a useless topic. Once the topic is approved, gather the required information and be ready to start the essay writing.

Importance of Good Essay Topics
Good essay topics get all the recognition. Therefore, whether you are doing research essay writing or dissertation writing, you need to select topics which will be noticed. Remember, that initially, the reader will be compelled to read an essay based on the topic. If the topic does not draw his or her attention your research essay will be considered one which is ineffective.

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