Writing an Eminent Research Essay

Research Essays are Complex Academic Writing Assignments

There are many types of essays which are required of students at various academic levels. These essays will not only provide them the knowledge they need to do better, but also enhance their skills of writing which will be useful when going on to jobs and careers. One writing assignment which will have to be done is the research essay. This type of essay will be written on a topic approved by the Head of a Department and a supervisor. Your task is to conduct thorough research on the approved topic and write your essay informatively and in analytical manner. This essay requires you to synthesize between existing literature you review on the subject as well as your own findings and discuss and refute or reiterate the existing theories. Many students find this a task which is beyond their capabilities. The best is for you to refer to few good examples and get guidance from research essay writing hand books.

Pluses and Minuses of the Example

Examples of research essays have its advantages and disadvantages. The biggest advantage is that a good example can be a good benchmark for you to base your own writing. It can help you understand how to write the review of literature and how to synthesize between the literature and your own findings and theories. They also provide you with easy to access knowledge on how to format the work. A research essay has to be written according to a specific format set by the academic institution. This format can be the MLA, Harvard or the APA format. If a student is unfamiliar with the formatting requirements going through one or two examples will educate him or her on how to use the formats. These include the spacing, font, in text citations etc. Examples of this type also help students to identify the key sections of this essay paper

The disadvantages of these examples are that if you select carelessly, you will be downloading examples which are written incorrectly or formatted incorrectly or plagiarized. Referring to examples can cramp your ideas and own individualistic style and make your essay just another carbon copy of commonly available essays. Therefore, proper consideration should be given to reap the benefits and minimize any detrimental effects of an example.

Writing the Research Essay

Research essay writing is not an easy task. Many students are under the misconception that you simply select a topic, research the topic and write your essay based on the research. There is much more to the writing of this essay. A good essay will provide an analysis of the topic and show the student’s understanding of the topic through the essay. Every research essay requires a research question to be coined out at the outset of the writing. Many students make the mistake of trying to answer many questions in their essay. This is an error which you cannot afford to make. Every research essay should have only one research question which is related to the topic, which needs to be answered through the literature you review and the data you gather. Your essay should contribute to the body of knowledge already existing in this field.

Research essays take time to write. You need to come up with a good topic, build a thesis statement, conduct research and write each section of the essay carefully. Such time is hard to be committed from busy student lives. If you are having issues in completing your essay successfully, Coursework-writing.co.uk can assist you with the task. With our assistance many thousands of students have submitted successful essays and other academic papers and ensured their academic progress and success.