Writing an Effective Religion Essay

Handle the Writing of the Religion Essay with Diplomacy and Decorum

Religious essay Every religion teaches basically the same things. The gist of every religion’s teaching is to do good to each other and lead peaceful and harmonious lives. Writing a religion essay might seem like an intimidating task to students, especially if they are to address a religion which is not their own. The key to writing an essay on religion is to treat the subject with diplomacy and proper decorum. Next is to select a manageable topic area from many options open. Students can write about a particular religion, its origins, defining religion, critically evaluating its core principles, the misconceptions regarding a religion etc. While these topics may sound as easy essay topics to handle, the religious essays call for philosophical views and in-depth explanations from the essay writer, which most students find hard to come up with.

Understanding What Religion Is

Religion is one of the most elusive of terms which is hard to define. However it involves a set of beliefs and generally a belief that there is a higher being who guides us in what we do. Each religion has a different idea of whom the follower worships as their religious teacher or creator. Many religions have traditions which have been followed throughout time. These traditions help the devotees to bring in a sense of purpose to their lives. Every religion has a symbol which the followers pray to. The Christians have the cross, the Jews have the star, the Muslims have the moon and the star, and the Buddhists have the Wheel of Dharma etc. You will be able to write a good essay by providing an explanation of what religion is to you and on the different types of symbols and rituals as well as their interpretations.

Origin of a Religion

Every religion has a beginning. You can write on one particular religion or take two or three different types of religions and research thoroughly and write about the origin of each religion. For example, you will be able to write on the origin of Christianity and the many versions of it. Some believe that God and Jesus are the same, while others believe that these are two separate beings. In this case you will be able to write a persuasive essay, persuading the reader on your belief. Similarly, Buddhism is spread in Asian region in fragmented forms of Theravada, Mahayana, Jain and Tao sects. These separate sects of Buddhism, shares the same roots of Buddhism which originated in India. Islam is another wide spread religion but its origins can be traced to Saudi Arabia which, to date remains a fundamentally Islamic nation.

Misuse of Religion

Many people misuse religion for their gains. Politicians misuse religion to gain votes. Religion is expected to unite people but today, it acts as a dividing factor and even a cause for Wars. Fundamentalists justify their violence as a fight for religious glory. Where is it written that wars should be waged for religion? This can be your title and you will be able to write an argumentative and interesting religion essay based on this title. Another method of writing is religious abuse. This is mainly seen among children. Certain individuals will instil shame and fear into children in order for them to follow a belief. Essay writer must realize these can be extremely touchy subjects and take care as not to demean or criticise any religion or its beliefs.

Fundamental Right to Choose a Religion

Everyone has a right to choose. Everyone has the right to believe what they wish. As when writing a choice essay, you will be able to write on the freedom to pray to whomever one wishes to. A Christian if needed should have the freedom to be a Buddhist. A Muslim should have the freedom to be a Christian. After all, a religion is born on to where the individual had no choice at that point. But the individual has a fundamental human right which allows choosing his or her own religion.

Writing a religion essay is not an easy task as the subject matter is very sensitive. However, you may find many essay examples, essays online or templates to help you through this process.

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