Making Use of Reflective Essay Samples Can Aid In Better Writing

Learn to Identify the Characteristics of Good Reflective Essay Samples

Reflective Essay SamplesReflective essays are often a bit challenging to write as it involves contemplation and personal thought. This can hinder the process of writing and presenting a good essay that has the potential of receiving a good grade. Students who find the reflective essay writing task challenging, can make use of few reflective essay samples to aid them in the process. By having a quality essay sample, students can set themselves a high benchmark standard which should then be attempted to be achieved.

What is a Reflective Essay?

A reflective essay is an essay which reflects the personal experience of the writer. The most important feature of the reflective essay is that this event or experience should be experienced firsthand by the essay writer. The essay is used as a means for the writer to convey the event or the experience in a contemplative tone. In writing this essay, the writer hopes to explain the importance of the event experienced and the key learning points or the major outcomes involved. This type of writing will test the writer’s creativity as well as analytical power and may come as a part of a major assignment that has just been completed. For example, you may be asked to write a reflective essay about your orientation program, personal development course module, the dissertation program or a field project completed.

Going Through Samples

Samples of coursework writing of any kind can be found online. However, as there are some substandard writing companies that has no idea about even the basics of essay writing, students need to be sure that they select a well-written reflective essay sample. This can only be done if they knew the characteristics of a good reflective essay. Every essay has different characteristics. The manner in which the essay is written, the format, the tone and voice used, the structure and the topic are some characteristics which make the essay different and unique from the others. In order to differentiate a well written sample from a mediocre or bad work, you need to be aware of these basic points.

Tenses Used in Reflective Writing

When going through reflective essay samples, the tenses such as past and present depend on the event being recounted. For example, when recounting a specific experience, the writer will use the past tense. When relating a general comment about a particular theoretical perspective, the writer will use present tense. The samples selected should also make use of such proper grammar in the writing.

Including the Feelings

Writing reflective essays is all about incorporating feelings into the essay. Most students provide a detailed description of what they did in their reflective essays. This is not sufficient. The samples should provide information on the writer’s feelings, contemplations and reflections of what the writer has learned from the experience and how it will shape his or her behaviour in future. How things were done and what could have been done better, and what will be repeated in future, are other areas for musing.

Standard Characteristics

As with any type of coursework from English coursework to history coursework, the samples of reflective essays should consist of an introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion. Apart from this the essay should be formatted in the manner prescribed and it should be done correctly. If all these features are available in the reflective essay samples you will be well on your way to writing a good essay.

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