Writing a Deep Reflection Essay

Reflection Essays calls for In-depth Contemplation of the Subject Matter

Reflection Essay To be reflective is to think seriously, deeply and contemplatively about something. This involves your feelings about a particular subject. When you are assigned to write a reflection essay, it necessitates great thought and deliberation on the subject as well as expressing your personal views and feelings on it based on your experiences. This type of essay is an excellent method of creative writing mixed with an opportunity to discuss personal experiences.

Writing the Essay

The key element to a reflective essay is the inclusion of the writer’s opinion and beliefs about the topic selected. This type of essay, does not require in depth research into the topic as it is mostly an analysis of your viewpoint and opinion about something. This does not mean that students should be careless with their research. There will be a certain amount of research which needs to be conducted, to inclusion of them can justify certain point of views you are extending. However, the essay should be written in a manner which allows you to share your learning points, your own assessment of an experience such as how a project or a coursework was complete.

Format of the Essay

The reflection essay, has the similar essay format of any other essay type. This will include the introduction, body paragraphs and the conclusion. As with all other essay types, you have to ensure that the introduction is “catchy” and ensures complete reading. You will be able to enthral the readers in your body paragraphs by providing illustrations and examples which will explain what something means to you. If it is something which is meaningful to the reader, your essay is on its way to success.

Topics Related to the Essay Type

One of the most important elements of essay writing is the selection of an essay topic. Many students will find that selecting argumentative essay topics may be easier than that of reflective essay topics. The main element to keep in mind is that these topics need to be life altering. When you find a topic, ask yourself, what life changing experience did I gain from this. If you are able to provide an answer, you have found a good reflection essay. There are many topics which are related to the reflective essay. Provided below are some which you will be able to use for your essay.

• My reflections on daily exercise and its benefits
• How to deal with natural disasters, reflecting back on my disastrous holiday in island of Sri Lanka at the time of the Asian Tsunami
• Reflection on what is love?
• Feelings I had while watching the sun rise
• The learning points from the team assignment completed.
• Field experiments with primates can be insightful.

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