Does your Writing Qualify as a Real Essay?

Real Essays: Tips on How You Can Write Them

The task of writing is common for academic assignments. This is especially so when it comes to various forms of assessment which students need to face. However students must not confuse simple writing of sentences or a group of sentences as essay writing. Real essay writing needs to adhere to a number of essay writing rules and requirements. Many students have no idea how they should write their essays. Let us discuss how writing qualifies as an essay.

What is an Essay?
You may write many compositions and imagine you have written a good essay. But what is an essay, really? An essay is a composition which will be written with a central theme. There has to be a logical flow to the writing, a proper format and a cogent structure. Therefore, a writing becomes a real essay only if have been written in above manner. Other writing you may undertake can fall in to other forms of writing such as poems, answers or simple text blocks which does not qualify as an essay.

Rules of Essay Writing
When you are assigned an essay, you need to plan your essay, organize your work, conduct research etc. All these aspects needs to be attended to before you write the essay. But there are few specific rules which need to be adhered when writing an essay which, are outlined below:

• Structure – This is an important element to writing real essays. A sound structure brings cohesion and proper flow to the essay. Therefore an essay without a proper structure can be disorganised and hard to follow.

• Formatting – All academic essays needs to comply with formatting specifications laid out by the college or universities in attendance. These systems vary from APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard etc.

• Topic – A real essay revolves around a particular topic which sets the central theme for the writing. This is very important for proper essay writing.

• Logical Flow – Works of writing which are considered as essays have a logical flow between paragraphs which progress from the introduction, to the conclusion. If your essay explains one point and goes on to explain another point which is totally out of context with the rest of the essay, it does not have a logical flow. Good essays should flow smoothly from one paragraph to the next establishing the thesis of the essay.

• Thorough Research – This is another golden rule of essay writing. An essay which has many significant points attached to it is a good one. With research you are not only backing your theories but providing the reader with proof of validity of these theories as well. Therefore, you need to conduct thorough research from a wide variety of sources.

If you are writing an essay, it is recommended that you consider these requirements which, makes compositions real essays. With such writing you can look forward to receiving high grades that you so aspire for.

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