Qualities of an Outstanding Descriptive Essay

All Five Senses Play an Important Role When Writing Your Descriptive Essay

Out of all of the English essays required to write in high school and college a descriptive essay is the most interesting by far. It is a straightforward essay as the student is mainly to describe and explain a topic as vividly and as creatively as possible. This essay can be written on just about any topic. It can be about a place, an object, a person etc. Before you begin your essay writing, find out the reason or the purpose for writing and the key objectives outlined in English coursework sheet. Some of the assignments may just expect you to describe a place while another assignment may call on you to describe the influence the place had on you. Knowing the reason behind your writing will help you immensely when writing your essay as the flow of words you will use will be more eloquent and descriptive.

As with a handling a narrative essay topic, this essay too will have to be described clearly using sensory words. This can be achieved by using your five senses, which are sight, sound, smell, touch and taste. Instead of writing only about what is visible you have to write about what you felt as well. Making the reader feel as if he also is experiencing what you had experienced is the ultimate achievement for your essay. If you are writing about a place you went to on a holiday, such as the beach, you should imagine your surroundings and explain it as clearly as possible to your reader, so that he can envision it as well. For example; “the sky was a clear glassy blue and the surf rolling up to my feet was as white as snow and felt cool on my sun drenched body. I closed my eyes and the sea gulls sang about the cliff jutting off from the side of the bay towards the azure sea.” You should also infuse some emotional experience associated with the subject of your description. This can make your writing more touching to the reader. For example, your essay can describe the feelings of tranquility and peacefulness that the serene beachside brought in to your mind.

Bear in mind that by selecting an interesting essay topic, you will be able to write passionately and vividly its description. Therefore consider few options and then select the most appropriate one. Having selected a topic, give a good title and proceed to the essay plan. This is an essential phase of writing which many students skip. But an essay plan or an essay outline helps you to structure your writing properly and organize your thoughts sensibly. An outline helps you identify the key points which you need to include in the essay and also take off irrelevant ideas.

Give your writing a few rounds of editing and proofreading and see if your descriptive essay conveys a vivid image of the subject. If you need additional essay help, there are various custom writing sites such as coursework-writing co.uk for your assistance.