Psychology Essay Depends on Theoretical Knowledge

A Psychology Essay Should Strive to Understand the Human Mind

Psychology EssayAny student who is assigned to write a psychology essay should have a good idea as to what psychology is. Psychology studies the mind and behaviour of humans. By studying these behaviours psychologists are able to understand human behaviour and the thought processes and resulting actions of humans. This is a highly theoretical essay which draws upon the student’s knowledge of psychology theories and conceptual frameworks.

An essay of this nature can be written in many ways. However, essay is a formal piece of writing and therefore, should be handled accordingly. Although you will be providing your thoughts and opinions on the subject, it needs to be written backed by theory and evidence drawn from clinical settings, in order to make it a professionally written academic essay.

Essays of this nature should be written with a thorough knowledge of the subject. Students should be knowledgeable enough to ensure that all aspects of the topic are handled efficiently and any questions which may arise can be answered fluently. As proving your point of view is of utmost importance, thorough research should be conducted in order to gain knowledge of the subject. Keep in mind that psychology is a field which is ever changing. There are new treatments, new clinical therapy, different perspectives etc. being added in to the body of knowledge. Therefore, students should ensure that the material obtained, is current and up to date.

History of Psychology

When writing the psychology essay, you can go as far back as the ancient Greeks as well as ancient Egypt. Aristotle and Plato are both characters you can discuss about when writing the history of psychology. They were both instrumental in studying the field of philosophy which psychology was a branch of. Sigmund Fraud is considered the father of modern psychology and his theories form backbone of some of the branches of psychology. Your essay can also be written as an effect essay where the impact of these philosophers’ theories on modern society can be explored.

Child Psychology
This area of psychology is studied often by many. It will concentrate on the mind and behaviour of a child through birth to adolescent years. To be able to understand the mind of a child may make it easier for most parents to understand why children do the things they do. There are different contexts of child psychology such as social, cultural and socioeconomic which you can address in order to write a cohesive and informative essay.

Abnormal Psychology

Abnormal psychology deals with any type of psychology from psychopathology to schizophrenia to any type of abnormal behaviour. These can also include obsessive compulsion, depression etc. Your essay can discuss any of these mental disorders at length in your essay. In your conclusion you can provide information on how to handle someone with this type of abnormality.

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