Writing Effective Problem Solution Essay

A Problem Solution Essay Should Provide Good Solutions to an Identified Problem

Problem Solution EssayThe 26th president of the United States of America, Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt stated, “Have you got a problem? Do what you can where you are with what you’ve got.” This statement is especially true when assigned the writing of the problem solution essay.

An essay of this type will have students identify a problem and then propose a number of alternative solutions that are geared at solving the problem. These problems should be ones which are believable and which deserves to be critically considered for solving. Provided below are some topics which you can address in the essay.

Solving Poverty in the Society

Poverty is a problem seen all over the world regardless of whether the country is a developed one or an underdeveloped one. Poverty is seen in the lower classes of people. This could be as a result of an economic crisis or it could be passed down from generation to generation. Your essay can provide solutions on what you believe are the most effective way to solve this issue. This can be done by doubling aid to third world countries, doubling wages, bringing down the prices of food items and other essential items etc. The role of education or lack of it within the poor which in turn leads to lower paid unskilled work and unemployment can also be addressed.

Solution to Global Warming

If you have written an essay about global warming you will be aware of the imminent dangers humans face because of global warming. Of course one mere student will not be able to make sure that a carbon tax is implemented or to ensure that the whole world gets together to stop industrial gases from emitting into the atmosphere. However, this problem can be provided small solutions which will become larger if implemented together. These could be to ensure that no garbage is dumped on roads, to ensure that water is conserved and emission levels are controlled etc. There are various solutions to the problem of global warming which will solve the problem if the solutions are implemented and carried out in harmony.

Solving the Issue of Underage Drinking

Another important problem which you will be able to concentrate on in the problem solution essay is underage drinking. This problem is common in any country. Laws are enforced to ensure teenagers do not drink and drive, but yet there are so many accidents which occur with many losses of life, due to drunk driving by youngsters. What will be your solution to this problem? Solutions to underage drinking include using proper scare tactics, making teenagers see the devastation caused by underage drinking and driving, educating them on its dangers and inculcating the values of respecting law from small age.

Writing the Essay

Writing an essay of this type will require great consideration into a good topic. Once you define the nature of the problem, students will need to explain what caused the problem and how grave the nature of the problem is. Students should also explain the repercussions of the existing problem and then provide good solutions to solve the problem. If this method of writing is observed, students will be able to write the essay easily.

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