Don’t Let Your Problem Essay become a Major Problem

Come Up With a Good Problem and a Practical Solution to Write Problem Essays

As writing essays is a common task for students, they may face problems when faced with writing an essay which asks them to come up with a problem and find a solution for it. The problem essay can be interpreted in many ways. This can be the problems encountered when writing essays and the problem – solution essay. In order to have a proper understanding of this, we will break it down to the two methods and obtain a thorough knowledge of it to write a good essay.

The Problem – Solution Essay

A problem solution essay is exactly what it states. The essay will begin by identifying the problem or problems and will continue to propose one or more solutions to solve this problem. A good topic for this “problem essay” is the problem of substance abuse and how it can be resolved. This essay can be written properly if students began by identifying the many problems in relation to drug abuse. These will include HIV, teen pregnancy, hepatitis A and B etc. Once you have one or two good problems make a list of the solutions which you can think of for these problems. These will include, educating youth on the repercussions of drug use, increase in police and man power to stop drugs from being sold on the streets etc. Good solutions are vital for the problem-solution essay. Add more details and examples, and you are ready to write your problem-solution essay.

Problems Encountered When Writing Essays

If you are writing “problem essays” based on the problems which students encounter when writing their essays, there are many which you can write on. These will range from lacking the necessary skills to write effective essays to the inability to understand the requirements set forth in the assignment. Select one or two problems you will be able to elaborate on and begin the essay. For example, if you are writing on the “lack of skills and time students’ face when writing their essays” you can explain why they lack the skills and the solutions they can come up with to solve this dilemma. Solutions will range from obtaining essay writing help to planning and managing time effectively.

Which ever way the essay is written, students will have to offer a solution which is viable. Providing solutions to problems which cannot be done easily will not make for a good essay. Therefore, before writing the essay you should ask yourself if the solutions are practical. Only once you have a solution that is practical and can be easily implemented, that you should start writing the essay.

Problem essays follow the same format as any other essay. However, as many academic institutions have their own format requirements verifying which format to use before writing the essay is recommended.

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