Tips to Write a Deeply Insightful Poverty Essay

Poverty Essays Should Include Facts about Causes and Solutions to Poverty

Poverty Essay Poverty means a lack of economic means to gain access to basic needs like food, clean water, sanitation and education. Poverty is an alarming problem across the world but in aggravated form in third world countries. Poverty plays a significant role in shaping the society and its individuals. According to the famous social philosopher Eli Khamarov, poverty is like punishment for a crime which people did not commit. The General Assembly of United Nations has declared 17th October as the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. Within a framework of awareness creation, students in middle and high school will have to write on this topic. The essay can include issues such as the reasons, root causes and some of the theoretical concepts in poverty mitigation within their poverty essays. Students can select an essay thesis with due deliberation to support a cogent essay.

Selecting Appealing Topics

Students can write poverty essays on several topics. But the selection of an appropriate topic should be in accordance to the professor’s requirements. Nevertheless of the topic selection, the essay should be interesting enough to the readers. Students can consider the following topics to write.
• History of poverty in Developed World.
• Poverty- How it reduce the quality of human capital.
• Solutions to international poverty.
• Root causes of poverty in the Third World.
• Can poverty lead to terrorism?
• UNs Efforts to help eradicating poverty.
• Effectiveness of Anti poverty programmes.

Reasons for Poverty

When writing an essay on this topic matter, one must differentiate on absolute poverty and relative poverty and reasons for poverty needs to be touched upon, regardless of the topic are. There are few key reasons linking to poverty. Some might not like to work harder and be productive enough to find their way out of poverty. Bad habits as alcoholism, drug addiction etc, can also lead to poverty. Some others may be ill fated and get caught up on poverty situations that make economic progression difficult. If an entire nation is experiencing poverty the entire populaces also will have to experience the same. Furthermore, societal, economical, political, and cultural factors would contribute to poverty greatly. Proper educational systems and economic developments would help mitigate poverty from grass root level. Therefore, need for national level and global level policies and programs to create employment opportunities, better the educational standards and create job opportunities should be highlighted in the essay.

Consequence of Poverty and Relief Work

Your poverty essay should include the consequences of poverty such as child abuse, hunger, infant fatalities, poor education, poor health care, increased gambling and violence, and malnutrition among many more. Your essay should talk about measure which is needed to eradicate poverty because poverty and effects of all these manifestations of poverty can create a vicious cycle in the long run. You will also have to write about charity organisations like Red Cross, United Nations and their services aimed at improving poverty situation in the world.

Writing a poverty essay will not be a simple task as the issue at hand is deep and needs a comprehensive analysis. If you are loaded with term papers and exams you may simply not find sufficient time to engage in the required research to gather the necessary facts and data. If this is the case, seek help from coursework-writing and enlist the help of our expert academic essay writers.