How to Come up with a Poetic Poetry Essay?

Thorough Analysis of the Poem is Required to Write a Poetry Essay

Poetry EssayStudents doing English literature or any other type of English coursework may be assigned the writing of the poetry essay. This type of essay can be easily written if students took the time to understand the poem and what the poet wished to convey. Let us take a closer look at how this type of essay can be written.

Most students tend to be overwhelmed when faced with the task of writing an essay of this nature. This is because they are unable to express their thoughts on the poem. Poems are items which can conjure many ideas and images. Students who lack the proper analysis and writing skills will have to buy coursework if they cannot express themselves coherently in the essay.

Pre Writing Stage of the Essay

Proper planning is very important to writing any type of essay. This is applicable to science essays, business essays or art essays to name a few. When it comes to an essay on poetry, planning ensures that the students’ thoughts are organized and allows them to make notes about the poet and the topic of the poem.

Thorough analysis is also required to write a comprehensive essay. Reading and understanding the poem is of great importance when writing a poetry essay. Students are graded on how well they analyze the poem. This might be a difficult task for most students. Some poems, no matter how many times they are read may never make sense to some students. In such circumstances, seeking help from someone knowledgeable is important than not submitting the essay.

Writing the Essay

As with all other essay types, this essay too will consist of an introduction. The introduction should provide a summary of the poem’s contents in a clear and cohesive manner. What are the ideas and feelings expressed in the poem? What did the poet mean when he wrote a certain verse? What are the events that occur in the poem? What is the tone used? These are some of the questions which will need to be answered in the body of the essay. Final conclusion will include the writer’s own point of view and the summation of the analysis.

Elements of Discussion

Language, imagery, sound and sense are some other elements which you need to pay attention to when writing the essay. Most poems consist of similes and metaphors. These are used to provide imagery to a poem. You will have to understand the metaphors and similes used to describe certain elements in the poem.

An essay of this type can also discuss the structure of the poem. While some poems take time to decipher, others are easy. This is all due to the structure of the poem.

There are many more elements you can discuss when writing an essay of these type. These include, tone, form, language, voice etc. Any or all of these elements can be discussed when writing a poetry essay.

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