Personality Essay Need to be Insightful

Delve into What Makes a Person Who He is When Writing a Personality Essay

Personality Essay Personality is a mix of character traits and disposition driven by patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviours that makes a person who he or she is. A person tends to display an established pattern of behaviour, thinking and feelings in their lives and this in combination amounts to the individual’s personality. Personality of a person is shaped by the influence of various factors ranging from genes to the family background, religion, political ideologies, social groups, sub cultures they belong to, education etc. To understand an individual’s personality, one must delve into a person’s psychology including the emotions, cognitive patterns, thought processes and behaviours in both displayed and suppressed form. When writing a personality essay you can take a number of approaches to discuss or assess various facets of personality, its effects and implications.

Multiple Personality Disorder

There are many incidences where persons have been accused of crimes, and they claim that their alter egos or “other personality” did it. This is a mental illness called Multiple Personality Disorder or split personality syndrome. These people have more than one personality and sometimes each have no idea of the other’s existence. Clinical studies of such split personality cases indicate that these split personalities are generally in opposite continuums of personality dimensions such as introvert or extroverts and happiness or sadness. You can write an interesting personality essay in a comparison essay style to compare two personalities existing in the same person.

Becoming Aware of Your Own Personality

Sometimes, students in middle or high schools may be asked to attend to an essay writing task which explores their own personalities. This type of assignments requires a high level of self awareness and self assessment skills. The essay can borrow from narrative essay writing styles to explain and narrate the personality traits and behaviour patterns. You can write about what makes you who you are by providing the reader with some interesting facts about yourself. You can also delve on how various factors shape a personality and what are the dominant influences that may have contributed to your personality.

Personality and Abuse

Although we are born with our very own characteristics, some change during the course of life. How we are treated, for example, makes a big difference in our mental stability. A child brought up in a house which is full of love will grow up to be an attentive and happy person. A child growing up in a house where constant fighting and abuse is visible will change his or her personality to fit the scene around him. This is why family upbringing is one of the most influential of personality shaping factors. Abuse is one way in which personalities of children can change. You can explain the way abuse affects the child and how the personality changes due to the abuse. Criminal psychology case studies of a majority of psychopaths indicate that they have experienced extremely abused childhoods. You can write an argumentative or persuasive personality essay on the fragility of children’s personalities and the importance of proper personality influences in the personality forming years of early child hood.

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