Writing an Interesting Peace Essay

“Peace begins with a smile”: An Apt Start for your Peace Essay

Peace EssayWe can see this quote “Peace begins with a smile” as quoted by Mother Theresa in many of the peace promotion campaigns. Peace is a vital term for our society and man kind to co-exist not only with each other but with the rest of fauna and flora on earth. Without peace people are struggling to live in this world. There are millions of people suffering due to the war over the entire world. If we turn back time in world history we can see that history too is littered with various wars that go to show that it is a continuing phenomenon. We are still learning about First World War, Second World War, civil war etc. in our war essay writing. Let us write our Peace essay in the most convincing manner.

Issues to Discuss in the Essay

“If you want to make peace, you don’t talk to your friends, you talk to your enemies”

This quote too is delivered by Mother Theresa. Peace can be perceived as a characteristic of environment. Peace can be the state of absence of war or misunderstandings. Further we can see peace is absence of chaos. Peace may be disturbed by several reasons, such as insecurity, social injustice, economic inequality, political issues, religious differences, nationalism, radicalism etc. These can instigate differences of views that can clash and lead to crisis and war which you may have discussed in a crisis essay. Your peace essay can address these different points which disrupt peace and also how people as individuals should rally around peace and harmony in place of clashes and differences.

Suffering when Peace is Absent

Innocent people become the casualties of war and sometimes innocent infants and children are killed, injured or become orphaned. People from all wakes of life lose their lives, properties and are displaced from their home town etc. When a country is enjoying peace and harmony, the development takes place instead of destruction. The economy prospers and people can lead healthy, happy and safe lives. Wars affect the country’s economy aswell. Fighting a war is a costly affair as arms and ammunitions cost so much more than what it takes to develop a country. Added so this, in prolonged absence of peace, some people migrate to other countries, making the nation loose skillful work force. Overall economy of country with disrupted peace can suffer and collapse.

Peace and Religion

Religious are always focusing on peace and they are teaching how to live in peace and harmony. Although some people disrupt peace and fight in the name of their religions, no religious leader has ever preached the followers to uphold destruction and disharmony and cruelty. This point is a good subject area to be discussed as an argument essay or opinion essay in your peace essay.

Peace essay is a challenging essay to write for the students and they should have the good writing skill. You can read magazines, journals and newspapers to gather knowledge on current situations of peace across the world. If you find writing this essay a time consuming and tedious task, especially with a heavy coursework load, then seek help from coursework-writing co.uk. We are one of the top rated writing services and our top writers will do justice to your essay on peace or any other topic for that matter.