Writing a Decisive Opinion Essay

Decide on Your Opinion Prior to Writing the Opinion Essay

Opinion EssayEveryone likes to offer their opinion. When you speak with a person, regardless of whether that person asks for your opinion or not, you will be ever ready to provide it. Writing an opinion essay is similar in terms of the action, yet different in terms of the mode of expressions. While in daily life we offer opinions expressed verbally, in case of an essay, you need present it in writing.

When writing this essay, it provides the writer with the ability to offer his or her point of view. However, unlike when speaking, it also requires the writer to back their opinions with sound evidence and justified reasoning. These can be done with the use of valid reasons or examples or both. The opposing viewpoints of others are also included in this type of essay. This proves to the reader that the writer is aware of other points of view besides his, and has the ability to counter such thinking when justifying the opinion presented.

This type of essay is very closely related to the argumentative essay. An argumentative essay too, provides the readers with an opinion by the writer and the effectiveness of the essay relies heavily on reliable information. This type of essay is easy to write as long as you have decided on the opinion to be written.

Providing a Well Thought Out Opinion

Topics for your opinion essay could be assigned to you. It is advised that students think very carefully about the topic being discussed. The opinions should be presented tactfully and with respect to opposing opinions. For example, if providing an opinion in a religion essay, students should be cautious about this topic. Religious topics are controversial in nature and therefore, opinions should be voiced with great consideration. However, with an appropriate topic, the writer will have the freedom of voicing his or her opinions freely. Keep in mind that opinions need not be exclusively negative or positive. A good essay can be written with a balanced mix of positive and negative opinions related to the topic.

Topics Worth Considering

• Your opinion on abortion and its effects.
• Television makes you do less than what you are capable of.
• A small slap never hurt a child.
• Fast foods are not the only cause of obesity.
• Genetic engineering and its advantages according to your opinion.
• Is a person judged more by their looks rather than capabilities when applying for a job?
• Cosmetic surgery – is it really necessary?

Providing your opinion on any of the abovementioned topics, will require sound knowledge about the topic. This will ensure that your opinion is worthy of being heard.

Writing the Essay

As with all other essay types, the conventional 5 paragraph essay format is required for this essay as well. Ensure that the introduction provides the reader with a clear idea of what the writer’s opinion is, while the body paragraphs will elaborate on this opinion with proper examples. The conclusion should only be written once the opinion has been clearly stated and explained with proper evidence.

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