What are the Features of a Memorable Narrative Essay?

Narrative Essay Requires the Recreating of an Experience Vividly In Reader’s Mind

Narrative Essay Some people like to talk about themselves or write about themselves. It is usually the human nature to enjoy expressing about oneself more than on other persons. A narrative essay allows you to do just that. As it is written in the first person, this type of essay is the ideal choice for many students who enjoy simple, informal essay writing. However, there are some students, who find the writing of narrative essays challenging. They may be more adapt at writing formal essays on science or chemistry but lack the creative style to produce a good narration. After all, not all of us are born story tellers. But, read on and capture few points to sharpen your narrations to be more memorable.

A good essay written in narrative form will transform the reader into a different time and space. The essay’s effectiveness comes from being able to achieve this transformation in the mind of the reader. This type of essay is similar to that of a personal essay which is often written from the writer’s viewpoint. As this type of essay will tap into the students’ story telling powers it is vital that good use of descriptive writing style is utilized as well. The more sensory details included, the more interesting the essay will be. The vividness of the written words can paint mental images in the mindscape of the reader.

Qualities of the Essay

A narrative essay has many qualities the same as any other essay. A descriptive essay will describe something to the readers in vivid detail using the five senses, an analysis essay will analyse a topic thoroughly etc. If you have an understanding of what the qualities of this type of essay are, you will be able to write your narration better. The main purpose of the essay is to recreate an experience. This should be done in a vivid manner as mentioned above. It should also communicate on the lessons learned through the experience the writer gained. If these elements are kept in mind, the writing of the essay can be done with a proper understanding and the results will often be a pleasant reading and a good grade.

Topics for Narrative Essays

Narrative essays can be written on almost anything. It can be on a dream you had, on an accident you were involved in, a death defying incident you went through etc. The topic options are limitless. Below are few topics which will make the writing of the essay easier.
• A memorable event. This can be a wedding, a funeral or any other event which is interesting.

• A date that went wrong. Adding just the right amount of humour into this situation will make for interesting reading.

• An act of heroism. This can be written in a manner which puts you in the hero’s shoes or as you were watching someone do the heroic act.

• Surviving a tsunami. This is a topic which requires you to gather much information. If you haven’t been through this experience you can obtain information from a person who has.

Writing narrative essays requires the same dedication to the task, which is applied to other academic writing assignments. With the selection of a few good essay topics, you will be able to write your essays.

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